Friday, January 06, 2012

Kathleen Edwards- Building 55 (Re-post)

With the risk of repeating myself, I'm re-posting an album I posted back in 2009. The original post was part of a mini-series of "Before They (She) Was Famous" where I posted "pre-fame" music from select artists that had gone on to make a successful career from music. In anticipation of the release of Kathleen Edward's fourth full length album, Voyageur on January 17, I thought now might be an appropriate time to re-post her first release, the six-song EP, Building 55. This release is rarely mentioned in Kathleen's discography's and is hard to find because there was only 500 copies pressed. An interesting listen if you're a fan and gives an early glimpse at the talent Kathleen possesses as she went on to release three excellent (and I would say, essential) records.

Speaking of the new Kathleen Edwards album, I've had the pleasure of previewing the record already and if you're a fan, you won't be disappointed. There are at least a couple songs that have stuck in my mind and I'm already pencilling it in for my best of list for 2012. I downloaded a copy months ago, but I won't post it here in fear of the copyright police. For more information on the album, check here. You can pre-order an autographed copy of the CD at

At the time of the original post for Building 55 I posted the tracks individually, but they have since expired and have been unavailable. Below is a download for the mp3 rar file for the complete EP, please let me know if there are any problems.

Building 55 (1999)

1. Injustica
2. Nagasaki
3. 5 Years
4. Bigstar
5. Wordgamething
6. Violin For Mom
7. Titled Untitled

KATHLEEN EDWARDS- Building 55. rar


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. Never knew it existed although I have all her others.

Anonymous said...

Heard her yesterday in small club in cologne. It was simply fantastic.
That kind of music that makes a hard day easier ...

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of getting you to post this in FLAC or WAV? Such a treasured rarity would be great to have in lossless. Thanks so much!

Simon said...

Thank you for this, very much appreciated!

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