Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lemonheads- Starfish Room 1996

Here's another Lemonheads live recording this time from 1996 when they were touring for the Car Button Cloth album. Though that album wasn't considered one of their stronger efforts, it is somewhat underrated and contained some fine performances. Car Button Cloth was recently reissued with a double deluxe version that featured fourteen b-sides with many choice covers. Also recently, a live WXRT broadcast from Chicago's Petrillo Music Shell in 1994 was released as, Rockin' The Shell that captured the band at the height of their popularity. I have a full version of this same recording, but the official release is edited and omits, Luka, probably due to copyright. Worth checking out if you're a fan.

I recorded the Starfish Room show off CBC radio back in the day. Around this time, on Saturday nights CBC featured a live concert (or in-session in studio) broadcast which was
a tapers dream because the sound quality is excellent.

Starfish Room
Vancouver, BC
November 13, 1996

FM Broadcast

FM> cassette> Teac standalone CD recorder> CDR>
FreeRip> WAV> Direct WAV splitter> FLAC > rar

01. It's All True
02. If I Could Talk I'd Tell You
03. It's A Shame About Ray
04. Hospital
05. My Drug Buddy
06. Break Me
07. C'mon Daddy
08. Outdoor Type
09. Losing Your Mind
10. Something's Missing
11. Confetti
12. Secular Rockulidge
13. Rudderless
14. -encore crowd-
15. Hannah And Gabi
16. Bit Part
17. Luka
18. It's About Time
19. Into Your Arms

LEMONHEADS- 1996-11-13 Starfish Room, Vancouver, BC FLAC. rar


Anonymous said...

Great show. I had a dat of this back in the day and have looked for it for on and off for the last 10 years. Thanks John

Key West said...

This is terrific. I have a couple of other live Lemonheads recordings, but they are erratic and somewhat unsatisfying. This show is much different - the band is in top form, plus the recording is pristine. Thank you very much for sharing!

robgronotte said...

Thanks! Could we get a post of "Luka" and any other tracks (if any) missing from the official release?

billybadbum said...

Suzanne Vega was playing in town the same night, hence the talkative, drunken (I blame Jack Tieleman and his gimlets) Australian bassist's comments re: Luka.

"This one's fer Suzy!"

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