Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Arcade Fire Previews The Neon Bible

In case you weren't lucky enough to be in Montreal last Saturday night, the Arcade Fire, after a year long hiatus, performed an unannounced show for the band's friends and those who heard about this show only hours before. They played in the basement of a Polish Catholic Church, (with only a small P.A. system) in the Mile End area of Montreal where the band lives, to an enthusiastic hometown crowd. (For a full account of the festivities, read this review) The previous night the Arcade Fire debuted songs from their forthcoming CD, Neon Bible, at an Ottawa High School where member Richard Perry attended. The Arcade Fire are playing a series of "warm-up" shows, including a run of 5 consecutive sold-out dates (in each city!) in London, Montreal and New York, before embarking on a European tour throughout all of March and some of April.

Fortunately, someone recorded the show and if you want to hear the whole concert, head over to Dimeadozen.org. (registered members). I'm posting a few of the brand new songs, beware the sound quality isn't perfect (this is a church basement for Christ's sake!), but it still captures the band's energy that makes them so great to see live and it's a chance to hear them showcase the new material. If you are an Arcade Fire fan, this should get you excited and drooling for their new album (out March), if you're not familiar with their sound, get Funeral NOW!

ARCADE FIRE - January 20, 2007 St.
Michel Church, Montreal, Quebec

Black Mirror
Keep The Car Running
My Body Is A Cage
The Well And The Lighthouse

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