Tuesday, July 03, 2007

White Stripes Not So Secret Show In Edmonton

As I write this the White Stripes are in my city performing at the MTS Centre, the hockey arena in downtown Winnipeg. I didn't go as I'm not a big fan of watching concerts in vast arenas, I never really feel part of the show and it always feels so impersonal. What caught my attention this week was that the White Stripes were playing smaller secret shows in the Canadian cities they are visiting (they are performing in all the provinces and territories in our country). Nothing is cooler than seeing a band up close without the need for a enormous stage and light show.

When the Stripes were in Edmonton, Saturday June 30th, they delivered a surprise gig at a youth centre. Just over 100 fans jammed into the Hope Mission's R.W. Tegler Youth Sports Centre for a free afternoon concert that they gave last minute notice on their website. Now I'm not a huge White Stripes fan, I like some of their music and I appreciate they're attitude towards music, but if they played a small club or tiny venue I would be there for sure. In Saskatoon they played at a bowling alley, would be interesting if they played a complete full length show in a place like that. I'll try to post songs from that performance as well. Not sure if anyone in Winnipeg was taping (I seem to be the only one for this genre of music), and hopefully a recording will surface at another "secret gig" as well.

Hope Mission's R.W. Tegler Youth Sports Centre Edmonton, AB June 30, 2007

01. Screwdriver/Black Betty
02. Cannon
03. Same Boy You've Always Known
04. Black Jack Davey
05. You Don't Know What Love Is
06. Ball and Biscuit

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