Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gary Louris- Vagabonds

Hey Jayhawks fans, Gary Louris's long awaited solo debut comes out on February 19th! The new album is called Vagabonds and it is the most intimate work of his career considering the length of his career so far. I have to resign myself from waiting for a new Jayhawks album as it may never happen and his other band, Golden Smog puts out albums in a non-consistent rate. I heard there is a possibility of an album with former Hawk, Mark Olson as they toured together in 2005 and have been writing songs together for a duo project.

The sound on the album is stark and haunting, and at times the songs build to a gospel-like hymn. The 10 songs on Vagabonds will need more listenings to fully appreciate the depth and quality this album obviously possesses.

Judge for yourself, check for some song samples and I've also posted some additional songs to preview.

True Blue
Omaha Nights
Well Get By

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