Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory

Sorry for the long period between posts...wow, that sounds kind of hockey-ish. Speaking of hockey, here’s a cute video by the lovely and talented Kathleen Edwards who I know is a huge hockey fan. So much so she filmed her latest music video at a hockey arena (St.Mikes’s in Toronto) and enlisted some very special guests, Jim Cuddy (of Blue Rodeo), Paul Coffey, Dave Hodge and of course Marty McSorley, whom Kathleen really wanted to have in her video.

Interesting to note, Kathleen’s husband and bandmate Colin Cripps is the referee who steps between Kathleen and Cuddy. Hilarious moment is TSN’s Dave Hodge lip-syncing with Kathleen the lines, “Heavy rotation on the CBC, whatever in hell that really means”, if you are familiar with Hodge’s dismissal from the CBC, it makes this moment that much sweeter.

Kathleen Edwards is scheduled to play the Winnipeg Folk Festival main stage in early July, but I really wish she would come to Winnipeg and play a smaller indoor venue (Burt or Pantages?) instead, because you really don’t get that same vibe sitting in a field a half a city block away from the stage squatting on a piece of plastic, oh well.


Anonymous said...

Fun video! Good music, a sweet woman and hockey... no wonders it scores with you.

binky said...

You're right, the three essentials of life, not necessarily in that order, but if it's all in one (like K.E.), it's a bonus!

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