Sunday, August 31, 2008

Juliana Hatfield live on The Tonight Show - 08/25/08

Wow! Juliana Hatfield on network TV, it's been a while. She looks great and she performs, "This Lonely Love" from her newly released album, "How To Walk Away". Juliana looked a little nervous and overwhelmed by the band, but she became more comfortable toward the end. Despite the presence of two other guitar players and her not playing a lot of guitar (looking kind of model-ish), she is a very very competent guitar player. I would love to see her live, though she is only playing east and west coast dates and again she won't venture into to Canada...Minneapolis, please!

(Apparently there was problems loading the video, so I have since deleted the post and relaunched it. It should work now, let me know if there's any problems...enjoy!)

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