Friday, January 30, 2009

Zamboni Joe A Finalist!

I got a call from Melissa Martin from the Winnipeg Free Press last night to inform me that Zamboni Joe's song, Mayor Of Funtown is a finalist for the My City/My Song contest sponsored by the Free Press. Melissa told me the song caught the attention of the judges who recognized the references to the show (Archie And His Friends) and that they really thought the song captured the passion and emotional impact this show has had on many people's youth. She said the paper wanted a photo of some of the finalists and asked if the members of Zamboni Joe we're available on short notice.

The three members of the band, Cheryl, David and I reunited for a photo shoot this afternoon (Friday) at the Forks and supposeably our photo will be in Saturday's paper. We met with the paper's photographer, David and set off to find a location for the shoot and just as we entered the Fork's middle skating rink area, we spotted a Zamboni that is used to clean the ice on the river walk. We all looked at each other and asked, "it would be so cool to have the Zamboni in our photo!" Our photographer went over and asked if we could borrow the Zamboni and as luck would have it, he knew the Zamboni driver and gladly let us use the machine. We proceeded down to the river and used a skating rink for the site of the shoot, Cheryl and I climbed inside the Zamboni and David took the driver seat and started and revved it up. Our photographer took many photos of us inside and in front of the Zamboni, I'll be interested to see what photo they use in the newspaper. (I've posted a photo the Zamboni driver took of our shoot... Special thanks to Dave the Zamboni driver!!)

This whole experience was completely random and fortuitous, a real Zamboni for a Zamboni Joe photo shoot, what could be more perfect! If we do win this contest, we'll have to reunite again to record the song and that would be nice, but if we don't win, this day was still an amazing and unbelievable experience!

One last thought, I checked the Free Press website and they have posted the top 10 songs in the My City/My Song contest, you're invited to listen and leave comments...but if Mayor Of Funtown is a finalist, shouldn't it be at least in the top ten? Isn't a finalist ranked higher than the top ten? Just wondering...Check Saturday's paper for the final results!

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Anonymous said...


I am so pumped about this you cannot believe it!

I may have to do a painting to celebrate! Don't worry I won't use your real names in the title so you will not be embarassed.

It has to be better then some of the dreck on their top ten list.

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