Monday, June 15, 2009

Jayhawks- The First Album

I noticed the '1994-95 version (arguably their best lineup!) of the Jayhawks reunited again (They played their first reunion show last fall in Spain) with dates earlier this month in Spain and a date on July 10th at the Basilica Block Party, held annually in Minneapolis. The show in their hometown is significant because this line up of the band (Gary Louris, Marc Olson, Marc Perlman, Tim O'Reagon and Karen Grotberg) hasn't played together on North American soil in over a decade. I would love to attend this concert, but I'm sure my funds will be drained as I'm heading off to Philadelphia this week for 5 days and I don't think I can afford another journey south of the border.

In about a month from now, the annual Winnipeg Folk Festival takes place and it got me thinking about the first time I saw the Jayhawks. It was 1988 and the Hawks played a small stage along with other acts and the thing that sticks in my head, they jammed out with Mojo Nixon on guitar...seriously! Their performance to me, anyways, was memorable enough to consider purchasing their debut album (vinyl) that was on sale in the merch tent. I never actually bought the record, but fortunately my sister did and it's still in my parent's basement. Their sound is a lot more country than they have been since and this album was recorded by the Jayhawks on the small Bunkhouse label in 10 days for $12,000. It is considered a rare collector's item as there was only a limited supply pressed (few thousand?) and judging by eBay, it's worth some money. As a tribute to this great band, I'm posting this hard to find gem, it has yet to be officially released on CD and this has been long out-of-print.

The Jayhawks (1986)
  1. Falling Star
  2. Tried and True Love
  3. Let the Critics Wonder
  4. Let the Last Night be the Longest (Lonesome Morning)
  5. Behind Bars
  6. Cherry Pie
  7. The Liquor Store Came First
  8. People in This Place on Every Side
  9. Misery Tavern
  10. (I'm Not in) Prison
  11. King of Kings
  12. Good Long Time
  13. Six Pack on the Dashboard
Download- The Jayhawks- The Jayhawks. rar


Dana said...

Thanks a ton for posting this. I have the LP, but it's sealed and I just haven't been able to justify opening it.

As somone who has seen the band live probably 50+ times though, I do have to admit my personal preference as a live band is the 1997-era lineup sans Olson but with Grotberg and Jessy Greene on violin. Sound of Lies still remains my favorite album of theirs, too.

sunday said...

Thank you!!!1. time i've heard Jays in '93./'94. ''Hollywood Town Hall'',and this quickly became 1 of my favorite bands.

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