Monday, November 09, 2009

Sloan- Live At A Sloan Party!

One rarity I've been trying to track down for a while is the U.S. version of Sloan's, One Chord To Another, that included in it's early pressings a bonus disc entitled, Live At A Sloan Party! The band dishes up some alternative versions of their own songs, as well as a selection of covers by such bands as, The Modern Lovers, Roxy Music, The Hollies and April Wine. The background noises and conversations between songs suggest this is a live recording at a party, but in reality (and admitted to by the band), the songs were recorded in the studio and the "ambiance" was dubbed over the music. The background noise was in fact recorded at a party with Sloan members present and the result is loose set of music unlike anything Sloan has recorded since. It's truly a treat to hear the band so inspired and they do a very commendable job with the covers. This is Sloan's homage to the Beach Boys' Party from 1965, which also mixes covers and acoustic versions of originals constructed in the studio with party sounds added later.

On a recent trip to Vancouver I saw two copies of the double-disc version of One Chord at Zulu Records (one of my favourite out-of-town record store haunts), but for some insane reason I didn't buy it, maybe at that moment I thought $15 was too much for a used CD, but as soon as I left the store I felt instant regret. This inspired a search on the internet to find more information about the disc and thanks to Soulseek I found the songs from the party disc. A very enjoyable listen and I highly recommend this hard to find gem!

Live At A Sloan Party (1997)

01. Let's Get the Party Started
02. I Can Feel It
03. Dignified and Old (Modern Lovers)
04. Glitter and Gold (Everly Brothers)
05. Over You (Roxy Music)
06. I Am the Cancer
07. I Can't Get Go (The Hollies)
08. Stood Up
09. On the Road Again/Transona Five (Canned Heat/Stereolab)
10. I Wouldn't Want to Lose Your Love (April Wine)

Download: Sloan- Live At A Sloan Party. rar


Anonymous said...

Thanks man! This is one album I regretted not having as well. I also need to track down the 2 bonus songs from the Japanese release of (I believe) A side wins again. I have one that I found waaaaaaaaaaay back when Napster was still alive and it is actually my fav sloan song (one of, of course ;)
Thanks muchly for this one tho'!
akitacamero at yahoo dot com dot au if you have them!

Anonymous said...

holy shit thanks dude, took me hours to track down your link, this is impossible to find in real life and on the net, lol thanks a million

Anonymous said...

A big Thank You from two years in the future. Just bought Hit&Run and B Sides Win at the Sloan store, and with your upload, I now have the Sloan Catalog. Just a great band from start to finish.

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