Monday, March 21, 2011

Take It To The Limit...One More Time!

This is actually Soul Asylum (around the same era), couldn't find any photos of the TITTL band.

I think I've taken this "Cover's Series" to the limit for now, so I'll lay it to rest for a little while. But first, we're going to conclude the series with a rare one-off show with a band that billed themselves as, The Take It To The Limit Band featuring an all-Eagles (almost) covers show. The band consisted of Dan Murphy (guitar, vocals) and Dave Pirner (drums, vocals) from Soul Asylum, Martin Zellar (guitar, vocals) from the Gear Daddies and Jim Boquist (bass, vocals) later of Son Volt. Fans of Golden Smog should note, many claim this is the earliest incarnation of Golden Smog considering the lineup and concept with founders Pirner and Murphy gradually adding members to it's loose lineup of members. This same group of musicians also played a all-Rolling Stones cover show in 1989 under the name, "Her Satanic Majesty's Paycheck." If anyone has a recording of that show, please let me know!

What can I say, if you love the Eagles, you'll hate this concert and if you hate the Eagles, you'll be happy to know they must have been playing these songs with their tongue-in-cheek throughout (I hope?). The set featured sloppily performed versions of Eagles songs along with some solo members songs and even a Bangles cover to end the show, all performed to the displeasure of the "lucky" crowd at the Uptown bar. Personally, I love this show, it must of been a fun time and I will admit some of these songs are horrible and laughable, but in a good way. A must listen for all Soul Asylum, Golden Smog and anti-Eagles fans everywhere!

Uptown Bar

Minneapolis, MN

January 8, 1987
  1. Lyin' Eyes
  2. Heartache Tonight
  3. Take It Easy
  4. Rocky Mountain Way
  5. Already Gone
  6. Best Of My Love
  7. Tequila Sunrise
  8. Witchy Woman
  9. Peaceful Easy Feeling
  10. In The City
  11. Take It To The Limit
  12. Walk Like An Egyptian
TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT- 1-8-87. rar


bob said...

very cool show. i thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Gear Daddies/Zellar, do you by chance have Let's Go Scare Al or Can't Have Nothin' Nice you could post? I've had a hell of a time finding either for a reasonable price as both seem OOP.

Mark J. Miller, attorney at law said...

There was another band, circa '89- Bang Zoom (Dan Murphy, a Jayhawk or 2, one of the Johnsons from Run Westy Run, I am blanking on the rest), they played New Wave and late 80's punk covers: Clash, Vibrators...) At least one gig (probably more) at the Uptown Bar.

Also, Jumbo Shrimp, which featured Chris Osgood (Suicide Commandos), Tommy Stinson, a couple of Suburbs...)

fyi: I attended the Alex Chilton/'Mat's gig, even saw the soundcheck...I am old

This was an amazing time. The collaborative nature of "the scene's" biggest bands comparable to what seems to exist in Seattle today.

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