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Liz Phair- Whitechocolatespaceegg (Original Version)

Say what you want about Liz Phair, but you can't deny she was quite the force in the 90's. Her amazing debut album in 1993, Exile In Guyville is a classic and is listed in Rolling Stones top 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time (328) and this definitely was her greatest achievement. Her other albums in the 90's, Whip-Smart and Whitechocolatespaceegg are good, not essential, but are still worth owning. This is where my interest in Liz Phair began to fade, I downloaded her next couple of albums, Liz Phair and Somebody's Miracle and they tread on the side of too mainstream for my taste. Also there's something about the production team of The Matrix that I can't stand, that canned auto-tuned sound and her subject matter and lyric content (H.W.C.) at times sounded desperate. Some called it selling out or career suicide, but I think she was trying too hard to capture the spirit and attitude of her earlier work, she was no longer shocking or innovative. Her most recent studio album, Funstyle was a fiasco and barely listenable. Don't misunderstand me, I love Liz Phair, if she came to town (hasn't happened yet) I would buy tickets the second they went on sale and with the advent of YouTube I can live out my musical fantasies watching her videos and live performances. With the re-release of Exile in 2008, Liz reminded music lovers why she was relevant and she did the trendy thing and embarked on a tour performing the entire Exile In Guyville record. I would love to have seen it.

When Liz Phair submitted the original version of her third album, Whitechocolatespaceegg to her record label (Atlantic) it was rejected and she was instructed to re-record and remix it. What I've posted are the rejected mixes and original version of the album including some tracks that didn't make it on the album. None of these tracks were officially released and in most cases these versions sound a lot different than the released versions. It was probably a good decision to remix, as most of the songs seemed to lack the punch and crisp sound of released product. I do enjoy the original version of What Makes You Happy and as a bonus I'm posting a short video from the making of Whitechocolatespaceegg where she's recording some vocals for Happy. If anyone knows if there's a the full version of the video, please let me know.

Whitechocolatespaceegg (Original version) 1996/97

01. Whitechocolatespaceegg
02. Fantasize
03. Headache
04. Big Tall Man
05. Baby Got Going
06. Only Son
07. Bars Of the Bed
08. Oh My God
09. Ride
10. Waiting For the Bird
11. Perfect World
12. Desperado Theme
13. Tell Me You Like Me
14. What Makes You Happy
15. Freak Of Nature
16. Girls Room
17. Russian Girl

LIZ PHAIR- Whitechocolatespaceegg (original version). rar

(the original files were taken from the Symphony Of Ghosts music blog)

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