Monday, October 22, 2012

Figgs- Maxwell's 2004

photo credit: Danny Clinch

Sorry for the dead-air on the blog, been busy recently with meetings and committees and all that other jazz. Another excuse (good one) is that I've brought my comic collection back home from my parent's basement where it's been stored since I was in my teens. I have safely stored the top valued books at my place for the past few years, but the task of hauling the rest of the collection wasn't high on my priorities. Last week I purchased new bags/backings and cardboard storage books to re-bag the books before cataloguing the titles and conditions. Yes, I was (and still am) a comic book collector and though I have periodically checked their value, I'm now fully realizing this is a good solid collection. I bought new issues in the mid-70's, but maybe a third of the collection is from pre-1970 including many Marvel, DC's, Gold Keys and EC's. Right now, I'm only halfway through the Marvels and if any comic book geeks care, I'll give an update in a couple of weeks. Fun fun!

Of course, this blog's focus is on music and I'm in the process of transferring some of my live concert cassettes to digital format for downloading. I'll start with shorter shows and concerts I've been meaning to transfer for years. I guess I could ask for requests, but you probably don't know what I have. I'll slowly start posting some later this week and let me know what you think.

Today's post, I randomly chose from the hard drive, though I meant to post it a few weeks back. It's a great sounding show from the Figgs home state at Maxwells, but I can't remember where I got the recording, it might have been Soulseek? I have always thought of the Figgs as the quintessential American rock 'n' roll band. They are known by many as the backing band for Graham Parker and Tommy Stinson, but they can definitely hold their own with their deep and prolific discography. Underappreciated and underrated perhaps?  I love the Figgs!

(One word of warning, it's in mp3 format (not FLAC), so it's suitable for playback on your computer or portable device, but please don't sell it or trade it as a uncompressed version.)

Hoboken, NJ
March 19, 2004


01. Start Credits
02. I Bought Kicks
03. No One Here But You
04. Simon Simone
05. Slow Charm
06. Sit & Shake
07. The Trench
08. Ginger
09. Shut
10. Stood Up!
11. Point A Finger
12. Longing For You
13. Attack TCA
14. Je T'Adore
15. Do The Bounce
16. Embrace The Train
17. Running In Place
18. Dance Lesson
19. Somethings Wrong
20. One Hit Wonder
21. Said Enough
22. Wait On Your Shoulder
23. Not Involved
24. If Thats What You Want
25. Fucks Off
26. Metal Detector
27. Static
28. Closing Night

Figgs- 2004-03-19 Maxwells. rar

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