Saturday, December 22, 2012

Green On Red- Spin Radio Concert 1985

Continuing on my stroll through the 80's, here's a rare radio promotional issue of Spin Radio's live concert series featuring, Green On Red. If you can your mitts on the original double vinyl, it's worth a pretty penny. Nice sounding radio broadcast quality with a live concert recording from the I-Beam in San Francisco along with interview segments with Dan Stuart from Green On Red. This is the band circa, Gas Food Lodging/No Free Lunch (my favourite G on R era!) when Chuck Prophet joined the band. Complete with commercials, this is pretty cool, get this!

"Spin Radio Concert Series"
San Francisco, CA
FM broadcast

01. show intro/
02. /show intro
03. Hair Of The Dog
04. Down To The Bone> interview
05. Apartment 6> interview
06. commercial
07. interview
08. The Drifter> Sympathy For The Devil
09. interview
10. Funny How Time Slips Away
11. commercial
12. interview
13. Thats What Dreams Were Made For
14. This I Know
15. Fading Away
16. commercial
17. interview
18. Snake Bit
19. interview> Easy Way Out
20. interview> Brave Generation
21. commercial
22. interview> No Free Lunch
23. interview
24. show outro

GREEN ON RED- 1985 Spin Magazine Concert Series FLAC. rar


sealy said...

Thanks For this stuff
Chuck IS the king

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting. In 1985, I bought the Gas Food Lodging LP, limited edition green vinyl. Sold it a few years later to a used record store for gas-food-lodging money. Seemed appropriate at the time, but clearly one of the dumbest moves I'd ever made. What a great band! And yes, Chuck is indeed the king...

Anonymous said...

thankyou sir!

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