Sunday, April 14, 2013

Can't Download? Don't Worry....Yet.

If you're having problems downloading any of the files, I'll explain why. Yesterday, I received a notice from Adrive, my file-sharing storage, that my sharing privileges have been revoked. They received a takedown notice as required under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") that a certain file (4) that I'm sharing constitutes copyright infringement. I searched through my uploaded files and judging by the now unshared files, I suspect the "offending files" are two Golden Smog and two Wilco live recordings.
Golden Smog- First Avenue 1992
Golden Smog- In Chicago 2006
Wilco- Live On Letterman
 Wilco- July 4th, 1996

I sent a response to Adrive asking who requested the take down notice because I don't believe these files violate the terms of copyright infringement. These are live recordings that are not commercially available or officially released by any record label or the band. Wilco has stated on their website their policy of allowing live taping and the sharing of their live concert recordings. Jeff Tweedy is also in Golden Smog along with members of the Jayhawks and Soul Asylum who have never voiced concerns with the sharing of their live shows. I have my suspicions about this complaint, one show is a soundboard, two shows were broadcast on WXRT...did the radio station complain? The Wilco Letterman show was a webcast, is NBC the complainant? Until I find out what the offending files actually are and who complained there isn't much I can do on my end. Right now all the links on the blog are unavailable and unsharable and there is a chance I will be unable to share these files through my Adrive account. I've begun searching for other file hosting options and in my upcoming posts I'll be experimenting with some other file sharing hosts. I've already uploaded some files to Zippyshare and I may try Netkups as a recommendation from another music blog. Anyone have any other recommendation or good/bad experiences with other hosts?

Please be patient, if I resolve the problem with Adrive the links will be back up soon, if not I'll begin the task of re-upping past links on a different host. The good news is that Blogger hasn't taken any action and the blog is still active. Check for updates here or on the TDIT Facebook page.


Matias Rivero said...

aww man that sucks; I hope you can recover your account soon. Thanks for sharing!

Morgan Radford said...

I just found this blog and am going thru the whole thing, reading too, not just downloading. Its funny, Im a huge Wilco fan and those are the shows I most wanted. Ill have to check out Dime to see if I can get something similar, havent been on there for a good few months. Actually, I hope Its not Dime I ruined my ratio my wife Jeff Buckley live video and never recovered from it. ha

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