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Jayhawks 1985 Demos

Jayhawks circa. 1986.  Photo by Daniel Corrigan

Saw these posted last week on Dime and I must admit I've have never actually heard these 1985 demos. The band formed in 1985, so I'm assuming they're some of the earliest recordings from Mark Olson, Gary Louris, Marc Perlman and Norm Rogers as the Jayhawks. None of these songs appeared on their first album, released by Bunkhouse Records in 1986. Their second release, Blue Earth took tracks from re-mixed demos recorded in 1986-89, and again, none of the songs from the 1985 demos appeared on Blue Earth. In otherwords, these songs remain officially unreleased. One song, Clouds Across The Sky does sound like an early working of Clouds from Hollywood Town Hall with a similar melody and different lyrics (except, the first line is the same).

If you're a fan of early Jayhawks, this is a curious, yet must-hear listen. It is similar in it's country-rock twang of the first record and it's fascinating to hear the progression of sound the band went through in the early days.

(This is a repost of the link on Dime and thanks to lilpanda for the original post.)

1985 demos

unknown cdr>eac>flac

1.  Jesus in the Drivers's Seat
2.  Pennies (From Heaven)
3.  Temptation
4.  My Marie
5.  Do-Dee-Oh
6.  Clouds Across the Sky
7.  Dirty Pontiac
8.  The Type of Man I Am
9.  Snow White Angel
10.  Grandma
11.  CC Club Rag (I Got High)
12.  Bullseye to Your Heart
13.  What's The Holdup

JAYHAWKS- 1985 Demos. rar


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