Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mojo Nixon- Winnipeg Folk Festival 1990

Photo credit- Jace Hagen
Going to Winnipeg Folk Festival on Sunday for my annual one day walkabout to hopefully check out some good music. I'll attempt some live recordings as long as the weather cooperates and my fellow tarp-sitters cooperate and don't talk too much during the music (!)

A memorable Folk Festival memory is from 1990 with the always entertaining Mojo Nixon. I had seen him previously at the festival a few years earlier with Skid and it was definitely a highlight. He performed on the main stage as well as the smaller stages during the daytime workshops. He debuted a couple of his classics, Don Henley Must Die and Destroy All Lawyers, as well as jamming out with fellow workshop performer Loudon Wainwright III. A nice little sample that was fortunately recorded (not by me) and posted on Mojo's music sharing site that I downloaded years ago. You can access many more great shows from the audio vault at the Mojo Nixon World Empire.

The song Destroy All Lawyers is especially relevant if you've read the news in Winnipeg recently. It's in bad taste given the circumstances, but you can't help but agree with Mojo's opinion on lawyers..."There's a plague on the planet and they went to law school..."

Winnipeg Folk Festival
Birds Hill Park, MB
July 7, 1990

Audience Recording
(in lossy mp3 format- sorry!)

01. Destroy All Lawyers
02. Don Henley Must Die
03. Mojo Chatter
04. Louisiana Liplock
05. Mojo & Loudon Wainwright Jam!

MOJO NIXON- 1990-07-07 Winnipeg Folk Festival. Birds Hill, MB mp3. rar


Oxy said...

There's always time for Mojo! An unexpected post, but a very nice one. Thanks a lot. Hope you have a good time and really enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

You rock! Thanks for steering toward Mo Mojo! You can never have enough. :)

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