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Kathleen Edwards- Utrecht, Netherlands April 26, 2003

When some people walk away from a career in music, they may explore other endeavors in the arts such as art, film or writing. Others may want to stay connected with the music scene, manage bands, host a radio show or open a bar or pub to double as a small venue to play whenever they feel like it (I'm thinking maybe someone like Jeff Healey) and drink for free. Others want to settle down in their hometown away from the spotlight and the rigours of touring to open and run a cafe called, quite fittingly, Quitters Coffee. Quitters isn't just a cafe, it's also a place to eat for lunch with events in the evening (theme trivia nights, Sens games on the tube) and a cozy great place to hang out in the suburb of Ottawa, Stittsville. If I live in or around Ottawa, I would seriously be a regular customer. If there's anyone I would like to have barista the shit out of my latte, it would be Kathleen Edwards.

Always humble and always a proud ambassador for Canada, Kathleen Edwards has been of a favourite of mine since first hearing songs from her debut album, Failer. Who names their debut album, Failer? (well...the Posie's debut album, Failure, for one) Seems doomed from the beginning fight? But if you've followed Kathleen's career, you come to know her sense of humour and casual self deprivating personality that truly separates her from the pack. When you're at a Kathleen Edwards show you always feel welcome, entertained by her off-cuff comments and it's a pleasure to spend the next hour or so in her presence.

In reality, Edwards is only stepping back from music, just a bit. In the past year, she has played more than a handful of gigs in and around Ottawa and was noticeably visual during the Junos (see the video on the TDIT Facebook page) this past spring in Ottawa and more importantly (at least to me anyways) she performed during a visit from Rogers Hometown hockey on March 19th. Hearing that Kathleen has played more gigs this year than previous years, it's a good positive sign she is more interested in performing more and who knows, maybe recording a new album wouldn't be out of the question. Not being controlled by a record label or pr agencies much be a refreshing change when you've spend a majority of your adult life dedicated to music. It's like pressing the pause button, taking a look around you and discover what is really important in life and pressing the refresh button to pursue what feels right. There are many veteran artists that have bypassed record labels and independently released music with the help of crowd sourcing sites and their fans (Juliana Hatfield for one) and recording from their home studios (Paul Westerberg). I could see in the near future, Kathleen possibly pursuing this route that allows her to control the process so she can make music on her terms. Fingers crossed!

This summer when I was preparing (downloading/ripping) music for my annual roadtrip, I added Kathleen Edward's, Failer to my iPod. I've had this on CD for years, but since it wasn't on the pod I hadn't listened to it as much as her other albums that were previously ripped. I must admit I listened to that album more than anything else all summer and rediscovering it's brilliance was wonderful. I was recently digging around my live KE shows and found a number of shows from earlier in her career. The show I'm posting is her second ever show in Europe and it showcases songs from the Failer era and like most artists, songs that aren't performed regularly anymore. When someone in the crowd requests, Hockey Skates, she responds that this is probably the only song they know. Does she underestimate her fanbase or is she right? The "hit" single might in fact be the only song they would recognize. Anyways, the sound in this recording is remarkable and as the notes indicate, I'm not sure if this was a radio broadcast, soundboard or audience recording. It's a good one and if you like her early stuff, this is a must hear. As a bonus, there's an interview and in-studio performance of Independent Thief at the end.

I know Quitters is only the name of her cafe and it's all tongue n' cheek fun, but trust me she'll be back. If you're in or around Ottawa or better yet, Stittsville, drop into Quitters Coffee and say hi to Kathleen Edwards from TDIT.

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Muziekcentrum Vrendenberg
Utrecht, Netherlands
Blue Highway Festival
April 26, 2003
FM or AUD?

1. Independent Thief (solo acoustic)
2. National Steel
3. One More Song the Radio Won't Like
4. Westby
5. Copied Keys
6. Hockey Skates
7. The Lone Wolf
8. 12 Bellevue
9. Mercury
10. Six O'Clock News
11. Changes (Black Sabbath cover)
12. Maria
13. Interview
14. Independent Thief (live solo acoustic in studio)

KATHLEEN EDWARDS - 2003-04-26 Utrecht . rar

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CrozetBeat said...

Easily one of my favorite artists of this century. Here's hoping she's ready to come back soon—the world's a better place for her music. Thanks for the show!

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