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Young Fresh Fellows- El Sol, Madrid, Spain 2009

Here is the final live recording from the trio of shows (that I'm posting) from the Young Fresh Fellows during their tour of Spain in the fall of 2009. Much like the past two posts, this show cooks and sizzles with tasty rock 'n' roll Fellows-style. The live audio recording is crystal clear and thanks to Matthijs for recording and posting this amazing soundboard quality show. Sometimes it's hard to hear the excitement and energy of a live concert through just the sound recording, so I posting the complete video from the show (I found on YouTube) to witness a Young Fresh Fellows concert from a view on the side of the stage (here's another video from the same show, different camera angle for one song The video isn't perfect, it's a little shaky and blurry at times, but it's upfront and the sound is decent. I suggest you try to sync the audio live recording with the video, dim the lights, get some friends to stand around you to yell and scream, open a cold beer and crank up the volume! Just like being there, right?...not, I really need to see the Young Fresh Fellows live again!

As a added bonus, the taper included in the download file the opening set from the Hall Monitors from Washington, DC. They have this great 60's garage rock sound that is high energy and fun that is a perfect compliment to the Fellows pop-rock-garage sound. This is well worth the listen and at this point of their career (2009) they were unsigned. They have since released a very fine record, Up To No Good in 2017 that includes some songs from the set at El Sol in 2009. Good stuff!

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Young Fresh Fellows
El Sol, Madrid - Spain
October 24th 2009

Recorded by Matthijs
Audio Source Information:

* Soundboard Recording
- Edirol R09 (WAV 24 bit / 44.1 KHz mode)
- Adobe Audition 3.0
- CD Wave

01 - Get Outta My Cave
02 - Young Fresh Fellows Theme
03 - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
04 - Shake Your Magazines
05 - Go Blue Angels
06 - Hang Out Right
07 - Suck Machine Crater
08 - Sitting On A Pitchfork
09 - How Much About Last Night Do You Remember?
10 - If You Believe In Cleveland
11 - Route 66
12 - New Day I Hate
13 - 99 Girls
14 - Taco Wagon
15 - Picture Book
16 - Someone To Care About
17 - The Guilty Ones
18 - Rock'n'Roll Pest Control
19 - I Don't Let The Little Things Get Me Down
20 - My Friend Ringo
21 - Celebration
22 - I Got My Mojo Working (And I Thought You'd Like To Know)
23 - Backroom Of The Bar
24 - Gotta Get Away
25 - When The Girls Get Here
26 - Topsy Turvy Theme
27 - Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (feat Kathleen Wilson)
28 - Strychnine

Hall Monitors opening set

29 - Be Your Man
30 - Peggy Sue
31 - Can We Span Some Time
32 - Give It up
33 - A Fool In Love (feat Scott McCaughey)
34 - Rosalina
35 - Mercy Me
36 - Opportunity
37 - Crystal Ball
38 - Girls
39 - What The Dogs See
40 - Gloria
41 - Give You All My Love

YOUNG FRESH FELLOWS- 2009-10-24 Madrid, Spain FLAC.rar


Gordo said...

As the cameraman on the video I can confirm that wobbliness is down to amount of beer I had consumed in Madrid before the gig. I'd met a Madrid based friend (who had my ticket for the el sol show) at midday on the day of the show and had somehow ended up on a tour of the local bars up until not long before the Fellows hit the stage at midnight!

That I was still able to stand let alone point my cameras(I had two of differing picture quality) vaguely in the direction of the Fellows was a minor miracle!

The video sound is a mix of the audio from the original video and the soundboard recording so that you get the bass from the soundboard that was missing on the original video and Tad's cymbals along with the atmosphere of an excited Madrid crowd that didn't get picked up by the soundboard.

If you turn up the sound on the video sufficiently and open a couple of cans of Mahou trust me when I say that it'll almost feel like you were there and you can even can try shushing the crowd when there's too much chatter during Back Room of The Bar and My Friend Ringo!

Anonymous said...

OK, so why won't this open?

john said...

files wont unzip

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