Wednesday, August 23, 2006

JULIANA HATFIELD-Solo Electric 2002

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been busy with other projects (Sick Puppy blog), but now my full attention is on this page. Right now I don't have the technology to post mp3's or wave files. I am planning on getting a ezarchive account soon, so I can post music instead of linking to other sites. For now I'll have to leave you with just links.

I just came upon this excellent Juliana Hatfield solo electric show from October 2, 2002 at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA. This is only available through EzTorrent and you will need to register (very recommended).

It's well worth your time to learn about the world of BitTorrents and lossless audio compression such as FLAC. It changed the way I listen to music and opened up a huge door to concert recordings. To all you anti-piracy stealing music advocates, this is the sharing of concerts by artists that have given permission or allow fans to record and share the live concert experience. Fans trade and exchange, but should not sell these recordings. There are companies and individuals that make a living manufacturing and selling inferior concert recordings at ridiculous prices...Beware the bootlegger! Years ago, I used to trade cassettes (no money changed hands), one for one through the mail, but to receive a handful (mail packetful) of tapes it took at least 2 weeks for copying, labelling, mailing and receiving the tapes. Now a show can be had in less than an hour, wow have times changed!

I've included a couple of samples from the show:
"My Sister" - Juliana Hatfield (Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA 10-02-02)
"Somebody Is Waiting For Me" - Juliana Hatfield (Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA 10-02-02)

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jay said...

It's about time! Let's see if it beats Total System Failure as my fave new Juliana record.

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