Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Pornographers Tickets On Sale

Just purchased my presale New Pornographers tickets from Ticketbastard for their show on October 14th at the Garrick Marlborough Ramada Venue here in Winnipeg. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale on Saturday morning August 26th, but the presale began Thursday.

In case you're worried about a sellout, I highly recommend doing the presale, concerts in Winnipeg have been known to almost sell-out before they are offered up to the regular public. I don't know if the Ticketmaster site is glitched, but I was able to get the presale without typing in the special password. Simply click on the "Internet Presale Offer" and your ticket quantity, . (update: now you have to have submit the password "twincinema"). Since this show is a general admission show (no reserved seats) you probably don't need to rush for tickets as the last time they were here, back in February, it didn't sell-out til a week or so before the show.

In fact it was 8 months ago, same venue, same opening band (+Immaculate Machine) and same price for tickets. Suffice to say I wasn't exactly blown away by the band, in fact I thought local opening band Novillero were more entertaining. I saw the NP's a few years back with Neko and they were great, the between song banter with her and Carl was worth the price of admission alone, vocally Kathryn Calder does a admirably good job, but it's Neko's presence that sells it. After seeing both the NP's and Neko Case separately this year, I would love to see her with the band this time around, but I doubt it. Regardless, this is a must-see show from one of the greatest bands in Canada!

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