Monday, October 16, 2006

Exclaim! Mint Road Show - Winnipeg!

When the 15th birthday tour for Mint records and Exclaim! magazine came to town on Saturday October 14th, I half knew what to expect..well at least two thirds. Both headliners, the New Pornographers and opening band Novillero played the same venue together 8 months ago with Victoria's Immaculate Machine added as a bonus. This tour is taking all three bands across Canada, from Ottawa to Vancouver, with great exposure for the two smaller bands.

Winnipeg's Novillero opened the evening with their infectious ear pleasing power pop sounds complete with horns (trumpet and trombone). Their live show exhibits the same high energy as on their albums and these guys continue to get better everytime. Last February, I thought they blew the NP's away, this time they were given a shorter opening slot, perhaps because there was three bands instead of two. Grab their new album "Aim For The Right Holes In Their Lives" for proof of their pop perfection or see them live when they return home. Unfortunately, at the show they couldn't sell their previous release Brindleford Follies, because it was released on Endearing records, not Mint.

Immaculate Machine is probably best known as the other band that Kathryn Calder is in. Yes, Kathryn is a New Pornographer as well, which meant double duty, back to back performances. Though they weren't as energetic as Novillero, they settled into a nice new wave-ish poppy groove. They have kind of a simple catchy sound that seemed to grow on me as their set progressed. I'm always interested in how a trio presents itself, will the sound be full enough? will all the songs sound similar? Immaculate Machine has a guitar player (Brooke), drums (Luke)and keyboards, no bass, but Kathryn plays basslines with her left hand while her right plays lead.

I could go on and on about Neko Case, but I won't. Kathryn Calder has definitely made herself comfortable as a member of the New Pornographers, her voice is powerful and blends beautifully with Uncle Carl. From where I was standing, John Collin's bass seemed to boom and drown out Carl's vocals a bit, but Kathryn's voice stood above it all. This is the third time I've seen the NP's and they are definitely a tighter more polished unit. Carl didn't talk much until the encore when he was taking audience requests and he seemed to be frustrated by the requests of songs he said were "too hard to play". You know he probably had only a few songs in mind anyways that they were prepared to perform, since the many requests for "Letter from An Occupant" went again unacknowledged, we can assume they don't play that song anymore without Neko. All in all it was a better show than February, but they played only a couple of different songs.

New Pornographers Setlist: Winnipeg "The Garrick" October 14, 2006
1. Sing Me Spanish Techno
2. The Laws Have Changed
3. Jackie, Dressed In Cobras
4. Bleeding Heart Show
5. Mass Romantic
6. Testiment To youth In Verses
7. Stacked Crooked
8. All For Swinging You Around
9. The Jessica Numbers
10. The Bones Of An Idol
11. Twin Cinema
12. From Blown Speakers
13. Centre For Holy Wars
14. It's Only Divine Rights
15. Use It
16. Streets Of Fire
17. Miss Teen Wordpower
18. The Slow Descent Into Alcohol

Novillero (from: Aim For The Right Holes)
The Hypothesist mp3
Abbey (Winnipeg Oct 14, 2006)
Moonage Daydream- ( Winnipeg Oct 14,2006)

Immaculate Machine

Broken Ship mp3 (from: Ones And Zeros 2005)
Phone No. mp3 (Ones and Zeros 2005)

New Pornographers
Mass Romantic (Winnipeg Oct 14, 2006)
Twin Cinema
( Winnipeg Oct 14, 2006)

For a download of the full concert : (Dimeadozen) or leave a request in the comments.
New Pornographers 2006-10-14 Winnipeg
Novillero 2006-10-14 Winnipeg
Immaculate Machine 2006-10-14 Winnipeg


Culley said...

Thanks for this.

I made my first venture up to Winnipeg to see the Junior Boys two weeks back.

My buddy might have been at this show. I hear TNP were at a local radio earlier in the day?

Anonymous said...


I found your blog through your New Pornographers download on EZTorrent. I'm from Winnipeg too. Great site!

Kroney said...

I was at this show! It was amazing! I was a little disapointed that Novillero was given a short set but like you said this is probably because there were three bands perfroming. I talked with Kurt after the show. The guy who talked to him before me asked about Letter From An Occupant and he didn't understand why they didn't play it so who knows. I felt that the NP looked a little tired and didn't play as well as they had 8 months ago when I saw them for the first time. Talking with Carl after the show is always a good time as he'll ramble on about random things and if you ask him about good indie bands, he won't stop. He has an amazing ear for talent and when I talked to him he introduced me to a few bands that I can't stop listening to. Great to see there's another music maniac living in Winnipeg. - Kroney

Anonymous said...

As an ex-winnipegger, I'm unfamiliar with this venue... someplace renamed, or a new space?

Kroney said...

It's been renamed. It used to be the Garrick Theatre on Smith st. It's right by the Walker (now known as the Burton Cummings Theatre)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting the Immaculate Machine show posted in your blog or at dime? I simply LOVE this band and it would be great to hear it.

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