Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Something to Bragg About

I have some catching up to do, Billy Bragg was in town last week and I'm finally getting around to posting the show over at Dimeadozen and tonight I'm off to see the Who! I just got some freebees from the boss as she was probably fed up with my whining about the high ticket prices. Granted I'll be in highest section of the upper deck corner, but I guess seeing a legendary band 30 years past it's prime should still be a thrill. In my personal top 10 (a later subject?) of bands to see before I die, the Who would definitely be up there, especially circa 1969-74. I still haven't seen the Stones or the Kinks, but this could be the last chance to see Pete and Roger together as I'm sure one of them is due to die soon. Pete Townsend is one of my guitar heroes, he's one of my musical influences both guitar playing and songwriting, his onstage antics and the energy he puts into a live show make him a must-see.

Speaking of must-sees, Billy Bragg played here on September 26th at the Venue , or I think it's called the Garrick at the Ramada Centre, now. Regardless this hall is a much needed concert venue for the city as it's size accommodates a capacity of 700, smaller the Burt, yet larger than the WECC. There's lots of floor space to stand and the seating sightlines are decent. My only quibble would be the blandness and hollowness of the hall itself, I don't know, maybe they should put in some cash for some quality acoustics or something? The only other time I've seen Billy Bragg was at the Folk Festival and I always said I'd like to see him in a more intimate venue and to hear a complete "Billy Bragg experience". A Bragg show is half music/half talk and depending on your mood (and his) the banter can be more interesting. He always has lots to say touching on everything from politics, patron saints, Youtube, cynicism and his new book. Nothing beats the ringing of his trademark Telecaster sound and his instantly recognizable Cockney accent. Singing classics like Greetings From The New Brunette, Waiting for the Great Leap Forward and A New England makes it feel like 1990 again. Despite the electric guitar and his leftist punk outlook on life, Billy Bragg is a folk singer and will always be a folk singer, who slags the rich and seeks justice and human rights for the working poor and the poor working. In the world of superficial pop superstars and hip hop nonsense, it's refreshing to see a performer stick to the same morals and standards he set out with when he first started performing. Billy said "that while songwriter's can't change the world, they keep trying because the alternative is too unthinkable. The alternative is to give in, to give in to cynicism. The greatest enemy of those of us who want to change the world isn't conservatism, and it isn't even capitalism, it's cynicism."

Winnipeg September 26, 2006
"Greetings From The New Brunette" - Billy Bragg
"Waiting For the Great Leap Forward" - Billy Bragg
"Sexuality" - Billy Bragg

For the full concert (Dimeadozen) or leave a message.

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