Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ray Davies (Kinks) At The 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival

It was two weeks ago that legendary Kinks frontman Ray Davies performed at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. My posting on received well over 200 downloads from the day I posted the concert. The nice thing about this performance is that it wasn't an abbreviated set that usually is the standard for WFF mainstage shows. The Sunday evening concert had a cancellation from Jakob Dylan (who thinks playing Leno is a better career choice?) and instead of replacing his slot the WFF decided to let the remaining performers (Joan Armatrading and Kathleen Edwards) have extended sets closer in length to an actual concert....thank you Chris Frayer!

I've decided to post mp3's from Ray Davies's set because I know a lot of people that want to hear this concert. This might be the closest we'll ever see to a Kink's show, so we should all be grateful Davies survived being shot a few years ago. I hear his brother Dave is recovered from his stroke a few years back and there is talk the Kinks may play again. I'm there if that happens! The Kinks are at the top of my list of must-see bands in my lifetime (a Replacements reunion would also be nice!).

Please let me know if the links don't work or they don't download properly. I'm trying a new online storage, so be patient if there's problems.

Winnipeg Folk Festival
Birds Hill Park, Manitoba
July 13, 2008

Audience MD MASTER
Sony ECM-DS70P mic> Sharp MD-MT90

01. I Need You (aborted)
02. Waterloo Sunset
03. I Need You
04. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
05. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
06. 20th Century Man
07. After The Fall
08. Sunny Afternoon
09. Dead End Street
10. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
11. A Hymn For A New Age
12. Working Man's Cafe
13. Vietnam Cowboys
14. Well Respected Man
15. See My Friends
16. Tired Of Waiting For You
17. Set Me Free
18. All Day And All Of The Night

19. Lola
20. You Really Got Me

Better yet, for the complete show folder.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Binky

I was listening to a few the tracks. Sounds like I missed a good concert. Too bad about the crowd noise as you mentioned in your previous post. Obviously you will have to learn to get your blanket/groundsheet in the first 10 rows next year! ;-)

Enjoy the Fringe tonight... cu later


Anonymous said...

Looks great! But the links are dead... :(

Jules said...

Any chance of a re-up please? TIA.

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