Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winnipeg Folk Fest Part 1

Just to update: I'm taking the week off, but when I return I'll post some concert audio from the 2008 Winnipeg Folk Festival. I only attending the final day (Sunday), but what a fine day it was! Saw one of my all-time favourite performers, Ray Davies from the Kinks and my favourite Canadian, Kathleen Edwards. I recorded Edward's mainstage set, but I consider it a write-off as the sound was seriously hampered by wind and chatter from surrounding tarps (I include myself). I'll post some highlights from her mainstage set as well as from her daytime workshop.

Ray Davies' set was excellent and my recording turned out pretty good. It is presently posted at Dimeadozen if you want the full uncompressed recording, but if you want to wait a week, I'll post mp3's of most or all of Davies' set. I managed to get close to the stage to snap some photos and I spend half of his set sitting at the "golden tarp" directly in front of the stage. More about that later...Adios!

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Anonymous said...

It was an excellent show. Tha nks for planning to post mp3's of all of Ray Davies' set

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