Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What A Spectacle! Elvis Costello Live At The El Mocambo

If you're an Elvis Costello fan, actually if you're a fan of GOOD music, make sure to tune in to Elvis's TV series debuting on Canadian TV this Friday April 3 on CTV (and on Bravo on the 4th), called Spectacle: Elvis Costello with... In this highly acclaimed show that has already played in the States last year on the Sundance network, Elvis talks to musicians (and other interesting guests) and conjures up eclectic performances and collaborations not seen anywhere. His amazing guest list includes; the Police, Elton John, Lou Reed, Smokey Robinson, Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Jenny Lewis, James Taylor, President Bill Clinton among others. This show will be more than the usual Letterman-ish interview show, it will allow the musicians to share their love and passion about their own music and for the music they enjoy. This show looks so promising, not only will I attempt to watch this show weekly, I've already added this season series (when it's available on DVD and should include lots of bonus material) to my Christmas list. Stay tuned!

If you don't know who Elvis Costello is or don't have a reference point for his music, I suggest you look up his discography and start at the beginning with the 1977 classic, My Aim Is True, followed by This Years Model, Armed Forces and Get Happy!! His production through the 80's, 90's and 00's has been prolific with various musical style changes album to album. He has collaborated with everyone from Burt Bacharach, Brodsky Quartet, Bill Frisell, Allen Toussaint to Paul McCartney, Fall Out Boy and Jenny Lewis (from Rilo Kiley).

As a tribute to Elvis Costello, I'm posting an excellent example of early live Elvis with his legendary live album, Live At the El Mocambo. This oft bootlegged album was recorded in Toronto in 1978 and was first available as a Canadian promo album (yes, vinyl!!). It was later included in the "2 1/2 Years" boxset of his first 3 albums (this was the fourth disc in the set). In 1993, it was re-released in CD form by Rykodisc. This is Elvis at his finest, raw, edgy and unbelievably infectious! Enjoy!!

Live At the El Mocambo
  1. Mystery Dance
  2. Waiting for the End of the World
  3. Welcome to the Working Week
  4. Less Than Zero
  5. The Beat
  6. Lip Service
  7. (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea
  8. Little Triggers
  9. Radio Radio
  10. Lipstick Vogue
  11. Watching the Detectives
  12. Miracle Man/Band Introduction
  13. You Belong to Me
  14. Pump It Up
The above files may not be available. If you want a link to the complete show, leave a message in the comment section and I'll send it to you.

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I would love a link to the Elvis Costello Mocambo show. glennramsey@ntelos.net

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