Saturday, July 25, 2009

Discount- Love, Billy (1998)

With all the hype that surrounds "super" group Dead Weather, that features Raconteur's/White Stripe's Jack White on drums, Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs, Queen's of the Stone Age's Dean Fertita on guitar and the Kills/Discount's Alison Mosshart on vocals and guitar, one can appreciate the attention given to a once overlooked singer. I'm vaguely familar with the music of the Kills (not to be confused with the Killers), who have achieved a modest amount of commercial success, but I'm a huge fan of Alison's earlier band, Discount.

Discount was a high energy pop-punk band that hailed from Florida, whose sound reminds me of J-Church, but with a girl singer and they released three full-length albums and many singles and ep's. One of those ep's they recorded featured 5 Billy Bragg cover songs, not sure why they would cover Billy, but obviously they we're big fans and this is their tribute to him. They do a fine job rockin' up Bragg's songs!

Love, Billy (1998)
1. Accident Waiting To Happen
2. Waiting For The Great Leap forward
3. Pict Song
4. Help Save The Youth Of America
5. North Sea Bubble

Discount-Love, Billy.rar

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