Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Way Before He Was Famous- Lou Reed

During an episode of Elvis Costello's TV show, Spectacle, guest musician Lou Reed made reference to some early recordings he made well before the Velvet Underground formed. He mentioned these rare recordings are out there and probably found on bootlegs. In 1963, Lou worked as an in-house staff song writer for Pickwick Records, but even before that (when he was in high school), Lou recorded some songs with a group called, The Jades. These songs were released by Norton Records in 2000 on an 7" EP called, All Tomorrow's Dance Parties, curiously a song found on the first VU album is titled, All Tomorrow's Parties. This captures Lou's earliest known recordings.

The Jades songs, So Blue and Leave Her For Me, were recorded in 1958, while the first ever Lewis (Lou) Reed solo recordings, Your Love/Merry Go Round were from 1962. If you didn't know this was Lou Reed, you would never guess. Very different from anything he ever released with the Velvets or beyond. An interesting listen and an important document at least for historical purposes.

Here's the YouTube link to Lou Reed and Elvis Costello performing Perfect Day on Spectacle. I must admit Reed sounded really rough and he struggled to sing ( the song. Elvis on the other hand, sounded inspired and spirited on this Lou Reed classic, which I always considered his most "perfect", beautiful song!

All Tomorrow's Dance Parties (Norton Records)
LEWIS (Lou) REED (1962)
Your Love
Merry Go Round

THE JADES (1958)
So Blue
Leave Her For Me


Herr Ärmel said...

great - - to listen to the roots of Mr. Reed /// thank you for the presentation.

may your days be sunny : Herr Ärmel

daniel said...

The links no longer work!! email me ppmddan [at] please

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