Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Vees- The Vees

If you are or were a fan of Jale, you may already own this, but if you don't, trust me, this is worth the download. After the demise of Jale and the departure of Eve Hartling, the three remaining members of Jale reformed as the Vees. They toured Canada a couple of times and they're only recorded output was this self-titled 5-song EP released in 1996 on Murder Records. This EP received little or no attention, even now there's no information on the internet and this EP would be classified as hard-to-find. The songs sound very similar to Jale and the music is pretty good, especially the first two songs. Drummer Mike Belitsky (of the band the Sadies) even takes a turn at the mike with lead vocal credits on Denied, overall a nice teaser for a short-lived band.

The Vees are:
Mike Belinsky (drums, vocals)
Jennifer Pierce (guitar, vocals)
Laura Stein (bass, vocals)

1. Chicago Lights
2. A
3. Denied
4. Seven Thirty
5. Circumstance

download: The Vees-The Vees.rar


Sociologian said...

Thanks for this! I didn't know about it at all!

Lucas Gelati said...

You're awesome :)
Do you have more Plumtree rare songs or live performances? It's my favorite band. :)

binky said...

...actually I do have some live Plumtree shows on cassette, that I'll upload and post, if coaxed enough. I love Plumtree and it's good to hear from other fans.

Lucas Gelati said...

:D Tanks

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Thanks for posting this EP! I've been curious to post-jale joint for years since i last saw it in stores when i still bought retail back in '98...

I guess someone at the cd mastering plant fucked up on the cue sheet however since the first second of both "A" and "Seven Thirty" appear on the tracks previous to them... Oh well.

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