Monday, August 31, 2009

Uncle Tupelo Demos Part 1- Colorblind And Rhymeless

For the next installment of my on-going series, "Before They Was Famous", I give you part one of a three part series, the Uncle Tupelo demos. All three of these self released demo cassettes were recorded before the first Uncle Tupelo album, No Depression (1990) was released.

These rough and ready versions of many of the songs that make up the first album provide a good indication of things to come as their sound combines a fine blend of alternative rock and country, played with a punk attitude. They were considered the first alternative country band whose energy and authentic ability to teeter both genres have been a influence of the many "alt-country" bands that have followed. If you're a fan of bands like the Jayhawks, Bottle Rockets, Drive By Truckers or Tweedy and Farrar's bands, Wilco and Son Volt, these tapes (and all their official releases) will open your eyes to one of the greatest influential bands of the nineties.

I've been wanting to share these demos for a while, so please have a listen and leave a comment.

Colorblind And Rhymeless (1987)
Before I Break
I Got Drunk
Screen Door
Blues Die Hard
Pickle River

Download: Uncle Tupelo-Colorblind and Rhymeness .rar

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sunday said...

1 of my favorite bands.No depression,March 16.-...,Anodyne-great LP's!

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