Sunday, September 06, 2009

Uncle Tupelo Demos Part 2- Live & Otherwise

The second Uncle Tupelo demo is entitled, Live & Otherwise, appropriate because half the tape is a portion of a live recording and half is recorded in the studio. The live songs were recorded at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO on August 22, 1988. This recording features more songs that eventually were re-recorded for the debut album, as well as some impressive covers from CCR and Black Flag. I can't imagine how great it must have been to see these guys in and around the Belleville area in the late 80's, must have been incredible!

Live & Otherwise (1988)
Before I Break (live)
Life Worth Living (live)
Fortunate Son (live)
Cocaine Blues (live)
Gimme Gimme Gimme (live)
Good Times (live)
That Year
I Got Drunk
There Was a Time
No Depression
Screen Door

Download: Uncle Tupelo-Live & Otherwise. rar

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