Monday, September 07, 2009

Uncle Tupelo Demos Part 3- Not Forever, Just For Now

For the final installment of the Uncle Tupelo demos, I bring you the demo tape that supposeably got them signed to Rockville, Not Forever, Just For Now (the title which is taken from the song, Whiskey Bottle). There are early versions of songs that would surface on the first album, No Depression, a little rougher and a little rawer, but in some ways their less polished sound really showcases how great these songs are. Jay Farrar is clearly the front-man on the early albums, which probably led to problems later, and his driving guitar and distinctive voice characterized the sound of Uncle Tupelo throughout their short, but illustrious career.

Uncle Tupelo was one of those bands that never enjoyed the commmercial success they deserved. Their sound was widely influencial and even the title of their first album (No Depression) spawned a movement and genre (...and a magazine). The resulting split of Uncle Tupelo in 1994, gave the world Wilco and Son Volt, and to this day both bands are very active and continue to be influencial and innovative. Both Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar (their bands and solo) are finally getting some of the recognition and success that eluded them in Tupelo, but a possible reunion seems very unlikely, not forever, just for now.

Not Forever, Just For Now (1989)
That Year
Whiskey Bottle
I Got Drunk
Before I Break
Life Worth Livin'
Graveyard Shift
Screen Door

Download: Uncle Tupelo- Not Forever, Just For Now. rar

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