Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally, The Complete Elvis Show!

I've had a couple of requests to post a rar file for the Elvis Costello Winnipeg Folk Festival show back in early July. If you don't have access or membership to the live music site,, I've uploaded the mp3 versions to share. I always prefer to share the uncompressed versions (or the FLAC format), but I realize not everyone wants to download over 600 mb's of music. The encore was amazing, but the rest of the set is well worth the listen as well. I've also linked the setlist from a great Elvis Costello concert fan site with info about almost every known Costello gig, this site is well worth the read!
The recording is a little rough in spots, especially during tracks 5-7 when a child seated nearby has a temper tantram, not much I can do about it, but you might want to skip ahead if it gets too annoying. Otherwise, it's a very enjoyable listen and it's been downloaded over 220 times on Dime, so it's one of my most popular postings.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters-2009-07-o8. rar

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