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Half Man Half Biscuit (HMHB) is a UK band that has been around since the mid 8o's. Though they split-up in 1986, the band reformed in 1990 and have released an album every 2 years since. I figured since I've referenced this band at least on a couple of occasions, I should give you a taste of HMHB's satirical and sometimes surreal take on life. Their songs are filled with multi-layered pop culture references and a strange weird sense of humour. I instantly fell in love with this album, an expanded CD version of vinyl, Back Again In The D.H.S.S with many of HMHB's essential early tracks, additional singles and live versions. To be honest, I don't think I listened to any bands from outside of North America during the mid-80's, so obviously I must have felt something special (in my heart) with this band. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I first heard HMHB on a Canadian CBC radio program, Brave New Waves (or it might have been Nightlines?) where they did their nightly feature on the band and played 4 or 5 of their songs. I still have this on tape and I just listened to it again last week and it brought back great memories...Reasons To Be Miserable, I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan, Reflections In A Flat and my favourite, Dickie Davis Eyes.

ACD (1989)
  1. The Best Things In Life
  2. D'Ye Ken Ted Moult?
  3. Reasons To Be Miserable (Part 10)
  4. Rod Hull Is Alive - Why?
  5. Dickie Davis Eyes
  6. The Bastard Son Of Dean Friedman
  7. I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan
  8. Arthur's Farm
  9. Carry On Cremating
  10. Albert Hammond Bootleg (live)
  11. Reflections In A Flat (live)
  12. Sealclubbing (live)
  13. Architecture And Morality, Ted And Alice (live)
  14. Fuckin' Ell It's Fred Titmus (live)
  15. Time Flies By (When Your The Driver Of A Train) (live)
  16. All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Plague Away Kit (live)
  17. The Trumpton Riots (live)

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