Monday, October 11, 2010

Liquor Giants- You're Always Welcome

Continuing with my mini-tribute to Ward Dotson, I have the first record from his post-Pontiac Brothers band, the Liquor Giants. You're Always Welcome is musically not far off from the sound of the Pontiac's, but with Dotson fronting the band and providing lead vocals. This is an excellent debut, crunchy guitars, catchy hooks and influenced by 60's pop/rock. Their proceeding releases moved even more towards a retro 60's sound which lead to an all-covers album, Something Special For The Kids, released in 1998, that paid homage to English rockers and the British Invasion.

You're Always Welcome was also released in Japan under the title, America's #1 Recording Artists. I had the privilege of seeing the Liquor Giants perform live in Winnipeg at the Royal Albert in 1998 to a handful of people. It was an amazing show and I stuck around after the show to chat with the band and got them to sign my CD purchase. Nice real down to earth guys who weren't fazed by the small non-responsive crowd. For proof, I recorded the show on my recording tape deck and I had a listen the other day, great memories! If I get around to transferring the tape to the computer, I'll up it for a future post.

You're Always Welcome (1992)

01. Over the Hill
02. Mrs. Griffith

03. Greatest Hit

04. Paint the Whole Town Blue

05. Middle of Nowhere
06. Just Might Cry
07. I Wanna Get Drunk With You

08. The Little Song

09. Lost on Mars

10. My Teeth and Tongue

11. The Jokes On You

12. Fine Line

13. My World

LIQUOR GIANTS- You're Always Welcome. rar

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Paul Sharar said...

I want to hearlr that live gig

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