Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Stars- Live At The Burt...Again!

I've had concerts and live concerts on my mind this week. Last week, a fellow member (that resides in the U.S.) from dimeadozen asked if I could record the Heart concert next February. I said I wasn't planning to buy a ticket, as I'm not a huge fan of Heart (though I have some of their early albums), but I would go if I had a ticket (I didn't have to pay for). The next day, he emailed me a ticket...Wow, cool! Any requests?? Then this week I had an email from someone (also from the States) that said she was at the Liquor Giants show from 1998 I talked about in a previous post and was interested in the recording I made...small world!! I have the concert on cassette, so yesterday I finally got around to digitizing it to the computer. I'll post it here soon, so stay tuned.

The last concert I went to was on Friday, October 29th to see Stars at the Burton Cummings Theatre. This is the 4th time I've seen Stars, second this year and also the second time at the Burt. Interesting enough, I've gone with 4 different people (Sumi, Don, Cheryl and most recently, Alex). I'm a fan of Stars' records and songs, but seeing the band live is an experience in itself. They always put on a thoroughly entertaining show and you can tell they are truly a band that cares about their fans and are grateful for their following. It wouldn't be a Stars show of course without the roses, the band loves to throw roses into the crowd and this time they added a bubble machine to the mix. I'll tell you, the combination of the rich coloured lighting that flooded the stage, bubbles and backed with the dreamy pop styling of Stars, meant for an amazing visual spectacle. The band played a solid mix of new and older songs incorporating the Five Ghosts songs easily into the set. The flow of the show was much more smoother and more produced than the show back in June, obviously more confident with the newer material. There were several highlights; halfway through the set Amy and Evan performed an acoustic version of Ageless Beauty, that was gorgeous as well as the next song, when Torquil joined Amy for The Woods. And of course, the bubbles were awesome!
A Good solid show! I was close up (row 4), so I took many photos and the sound wasn't too bad, though I was more to one side than I would have preferred for a more balanced sound.

Burton Cummings Theatre
Winnipeg, MB

October 29, 2010

1. He Dreams He's Awake
2. Elevator Love Letter
3. The Passenger
4. How Much More
5. Wasted Daylight
6. Time Can Never Kill The True Heart
7. Bitches in Tokyo
8. Undertow
9. The Comeback
10. Ageless Beauty
11. The Woods
12. Dead Hearts
13. Take Me To The Riot
14. We Don't Want Your Body
15. Fixed
16. Set Yourself On Fire
17. Your Ex-Lover is Dead
18. One More Night
19. encore:
20. Celebration Guns
21. I Died So I Could Haunt You
22. Reunion
23. Midnight Coward
24. Soft Revolution
25. Changes

STARS- 2010-10-29. rar (mp3)

If you want a download of the show in uncompressed FLAC format, it's posted at: Dimeadozen.org (members only)

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