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Evan Dando- B-Sides & Live

Evan Dando is another American songwriter that has fronted a band that hit a peak in popularity in the mid-90's. The Lemonheads headlined tours, played large music festivals, performed live on late night TV talk shows and released a couple of critically acclaimed records. Then following the band's tour in 1997, something happened (drug use perhaps?), and the band and Dando seemed to disappear from the public eye for several years. In the late 2000's he reappeared as a solo performer that including a solo acoustic tour that renewed interest in both Dando and his former band. His "comeback" continued with the release of his solo record, Baby I'm Bored (2003) and two Lemonheads records, the self-titled, The Lemonheads (2006) and the all-covers album, Varshons (2009). More recently he has played a handful of acoustic shows with Juliana Hatfield to perform a set of both their catalogs of songs together...very nice! Presently, the Lemonheads are scheduled to tour North America and the UK to perform their breakout album, It's A Shame About Ray in it's entirety.

I'm posting an assortment of B-sides and live tracks from Evan Dando and the Lemonheads. I believe I downloaded these songs from a Dando fan site many years ago. Some of these songs are probably available in other sources, but for the most part I haven't seen or heard many of these versions anywhere else.

B-Sides & Live
  1. Learning The Game
  2. Pin Yr Heart
  3. Shaky Ground
  4. Deep Bottom Cove
  5. Fade To Black
  6. Favorite T (live in session)
  7. He's On The Beach
  8. How Will I Know
  9. I Don't Want To Go Home
  10. Paint
  11. Keep On Loving You
  12. Seagulls Aren't Free
  13. All My Life
  14. Hard Drive
  15. Fall Down Dead
  16. Why Do You Do This?
  17. Todd Killings
  18. Wine Coloured Grass
  19. Streets Of Baltimore
  20. Do Your Own Thing (w/Ben Kweller)
  21. Fat Broke Bald Armed And Angry (w/Ben Kweller)
  22. Night Too Long
  23. Mrs. Robinson (acoustic band version)
  24. If I Could Talk I'd Tell You (single version)


bob said...

nice. thank you

Radioesmok said...

muy buenos aportes

Robert Cass said...

Thanks for all the great Replacements bootlegs you've posted and for posting that Lemonheads show at MIT in 1990! For anyone who's interested, here's some information on the origins of these B-sides and live tracks (another resource for the B-sides, which Atlantic often issued on multiple singles in the early '90s, is


MY DRUG BUDDY single, 1993:
Shaky Ground

INTO YOUR ARMS single, 1993:
Learning the Game

BIG GAY HEART single, 1994:
Favorite T [Live in Session on BBC Radio 1: 10/25/93]
He's on the Beach
Deep Bottom Cove

IT'S ALL TRUE single, 1996:
Fade to Black [Live on Radio Rock FM in Milan: 9/3/96]
Keep On Loving You

IF I COULD TALK I'D TELL YOU single (#2), 1996:
If I Could Talk I'd Tell You [Single Version]
I Don't Want to Go Home
How Will I Know [Acoustic]
Seagulls Aren't Free

THE OUTDOOR TYPE single, 1997:
Pin Yr Heart

Mrs. Robinson [Live in Denver: 12/6/92]

Do Your Own Thing {with Ben Kweller} [Live at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts: 10/18/00; a.k.a. "It's Up to You"]

In the Grass All Wine Colored {with Giant Sand} [Live at Barbican Hall in London: 11/3/01]


As for the rest, I'm not sure when or where they were recorded, though I did include some updated titles below ...

All My Life
Hard Drive
Stop My Head [f.k.a. "Fall Down Dead"]
Why Do You Do This to Yourself?
The Todd Killings
Streets of Baltimore
Au Bord de la Seine {with Ben Kweller} [f.k.a. "Fat, Broke, Bald, Armed and Angry"]
The Night's Too Long

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