Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Whiskeytown- Those Weren't The Days

I've mentioned before that Ryan Adams is such a prolific artist with many unreleased projects and a shit load of great songs that have never been heard by the masses. I always thought his best work was with Whiskeytown, particularly the era of their first two albums, Faithless Street and Stranger's Almanac. Between the release of those two records, the band also recorded tracks that went unreleased (many were demos for Stranger's) until Stranger's Almanac was reissued in 2008, as a deluxe edition that included bonus tracks and an additional disc of unreleased tracks.

Those Weren't The Days compiles some of those songs along with others they recorded about 6 months after Faithless Street. This period is a very fertile period as the deluxe versions of both albums attest to (quantity-wise) and quite possibly Adam's strongest material ever, not to say he still doesn't write quality songs, but the first two albums really showcased Adam's strength as a prolific and important songwriter.
...and yes, track 19 is a Fleetwood Mac cover!


Those Weren't The Days (1996)

1. My Heart Is Broken
2. Things I Heard
3. Luxury Liner
4. Kiss And Make Up
5. Further Down The Road
6. Believe
7. 10 Seconds ‘Til The End Of The World
8. The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over
9. Ticket Time
10. Wither, I’m A Flower
11. Hipshake
12. Here’s To The Rest Of The World
13. Empty Baseball Park
14. San Antonio
15. Factory Girl
16. All You Can Feel
17. New York Angel
18. Only To Lose
19. Dreams

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