Friday, August 19, 2011

Jonathan Richman Is Coming To Town!

Hey! According to my local newspaper, Jonathan Richman is visiting my city on October 2 at the Pyramid Cabaret. I'm a huge Jonathan fan, butI haven't seen him live since 1999 when I road-tripped to Fargo, ND and before that in 1994 in Winnipeg. A lot of time has passed since then, (he's been a bit of a movie star) so I'm excited by the prospect of seeing the always entertaining Jojo (with Tommy Larkins) again. One of my most memorable shows was seeing a solo Jonathan at the Warehouse Theatre just over 22 years ago (1989), he was Hilarius and amazing show! Previous to that I saw him at the Folk Festival, but there's something so much better spending an hour and half with Jonathan in a theatre rather than outdoors for a short set of songs.

I'm posting a show from a year before I saw him at the Warehouse, a great sounding soundboard recording (circa Modern Lovers 88 era) that was a radio broadcast. I might post more Jonathan Richman (and the Modern Lovers) shows as a prelude to the October concert if there's interest and let me know which era of his career you would prefer to hear.

Central Park Summerstage

New York, NY

pre-FM later broadcast on WBAI

1. intro
2. introduction by Joe Killian
3. The Beach
4. Chewing Gum Wrapper
5. Heart of Saturday Night
6. Give Paris One More Chance
7. Action Packed
8. Vincent Van Gogh
9. The Neighbors
10. Gail Loves Me
11. California Desert Party
tape flip
12. instrumental
13. When Harpo Played His Harp
14. This Kind of Music
15. Everday Clothes
16. That Summer Feeling
17. encore applause
18. It's You
19. outro

JONATHAN RICHMAN- 1988-07-09. rar


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jojo! I hope you enjoy the show. I've always had fun seeing him.

My favorite eras are the original Modern Lovers era (although I think I have all the shows from then) and the times he was backed by the Rockin' Robins (Ellie Marshall and Beth Harrington). But, hey, all of his various eras are good.

Paul said...

I'd have to agree with anonymous on those, my 2 favourite eras. Thanks for the music you share, I greatly enjoy your blog.

Leon said...

OMG! Thank you! I'm a huge JoJo fan and have almost everything he's ever done, mostly on vinyl, sometimes in multiple formats... and there's hardly any "live JoJo" on the web like this. What a great gift - thank you!

Unknown said...

I think this set is from August 22, 1987. He did play on this day in July of 1988 too, but it was a smaller show.

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