Friday, August 26, 2011

Dead Milkmen- Eat Your Paisley Demos

If you're a fan of the Dead Milkmen, you might be interested to know they have a new album out. It's been 16 years since they recorded anything new. They're last studio album, Stoney's Extra Stout was released in 1995 before the band faded from our memories when they officially disbanded around the same time. After the death of original bass player, Dave Schulthise (Dave Blood) in March 2004, the surviving band members reunited for 2 shows in November 2004 in their hometown of Philadelphia. Since then the band has played the occasional show and began to write new material for a new record, The King In Yellow which was released this past March. I've had a listen to the new record and though it's good effort with some strong material, it's far from the sharp-witted humour and catchiness of their early releases. The band members are older and possibly wiser and mature, but some of the humour seems a little forced. I have to admit I could only listen to their last two previous records (Stoney's and Not Richard, But Dick) only once because maybe they were trying to be too serious and they lost their focus, but overall because they weren't that good. I'll give this new record a chance with some repeated listening with an open mind and see if they can woo me like they did in 1986.

Speaking of 1986, this was the year Eat Your Paisley was released and it was the song from that record, The Thing That Only Eats Hippies that first got me interested in the Milkmen. This album and their debut, Big Lizard In My Backyard are essential if you want to hear satirical pop punk at it's finest. I put the Descendents in that same category, both bands coming from the hardcore scene and producing infectious punk that is driving, catchy and funny. It's interesting to see they playing on the same bills at FYF Festival and Riot Fest East this September.

I'm posting demos from Eat Your Paisley that I downloaded from Jack Talcum's website. He has been posting Bootleg's of the Month, that feature recordings from the band's he's played in including some solo projects. He has generously shared lots of interesting material, some of it pre-Milkmen, along with unreleased songs, rehearsals, live shows and various cool stuff. Check it out!

Eat Your Paisley Demos (1986)
  1. Where the Tarantula Lives
  2. Swampland of Desire
  3. Air Crash Museum
  4. I Hear Your Name
  5. Beach Party Vietnam
  6. Dance Wtih Me
  7. 50 Things
  8. Earwig
  9. Moron
  10. Take Me Apart
  11. KKSuck2
  12. Happy Is
  13. Vince Lombardi Service Center
  14. Surfin' Cow
  15. The Thing That Only Eats Hippie
  16. Six Days
Note: Jack posted the tracks on his site in 192k mp3 or FLAC. I downloaded the FLAC and converted and posted a higher quality mp3 @ 320k.

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