Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Five Days In July with Blue Rodeo

When the organizers of the Winnipeg Folk Festival were choosing a headliner for the opening night, a light bulb must have went off in someones mind with the suggestion of the album, Five Days In July to commemorate the 5 days of the festival in...July! The concept of a band performing an entire album live has been discussed before on this blog and I'm generally receptive to the idea especially if it's one of the band's most well known record or if it's one of those "hidden gems" albums. I guess this album falls into the latter category as I thought Casino and Lost Together had more commercial appeal, but in actuality Five Days is the band's best seller and many regard it as their best record. The record does have a kind of epic feel to it, experimental in parts and if the listener is patient they are rewarded with a rich and solidly cohesive album. As Greg Keelor says, "It's sort of weird record to play live, because it's a pretty mellow record and it's sort of strummy strummy stummy, ballad ballad, strummy strummy, but a perfect place to do it, so we're really glad to be here...nuff said!

This was recorded from my tarp situated maybe about halfway back, just beyond the tower in the middle. I was impressed how clear and loud the sound was and it really filled the whole area even when I browsed around to the washroom and kettle corn stand at the back. There is some chatter from nearby tarps as well as my own, but if you blackout the conversations, the recording is still enjoyable. As a bonus they closed the main set with one of their hits, Trust Yourself and for the encore the song, Lost Together, an brilliant choice for a singalong closer. I don't know if Blue Rodeo has ever performed this complete album live before or ever will again, so if you're a big Blue Rodeo fan this unique show is a keeper!

Winnipeg Folk Festival


Birds Hill Park

July 6, 2011

Audience MASTER

01. 5 Days In May
02. Hasn't Hit Me Yet
03. Bad Timing
04. Cynthia
05. Photograph
06. What Is This Love
07. English Bay
08. Head Over Heels
09. Til I Gain Control Again
10. Dark Angel
11. Know Where You Go/Tell Your Dream
12. Trust Yourself

13. Lost Together

(Tracks 1-11: From the album, 5 Days In July)

For the FLAC version (uncompressed): I've posted the show at Dimeadozen (members only)

(mp3 version) BLUE RODEO- 2011-07-06. rar


Anonymous said...

Once again I apologize for being so chatty.

It was a great concert. Maybe not as good as Costello from 2 years ago but definitely worth hearing.

Dave from LA said...

Just stumbled across this via dimeadozen and wanted to thank you for the mp3 conversion! Can't wait to check out the rest of the site.

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