Friday, November 04, 2011

J Church- Prophylaxis

I mentioned in the last post about having some J Church on the flip-side of the Jawbreaker tape, so I thought it would be a good time to post some J Church. I have a fair bit of their music to choose from as I have a good chunk of their discography spread throughout my collection on cassettes taken from vinyl, CDs I've bought and mp3s I've downloaded. This is nothing compared to the extensive amount of material the band has recorded and released. In the band's first 3 years, they released two full length albums, a singles collection and over 30 singles and compilation tracks. In total, the band has released an estimated 150 records, an incredible achievement for any band! Check out the band's discography page on their website to marvel at what a prolific band J Church was.

I chose J Church's second full length, Prophylaxis as my choice for part 3 of "Unappreciated Classics" (see the last 2 posts), not because it was their best album, but mainly because it was the first album that introduced their music to me. I taped this and their first singles collection (Camels, Spilled Corona And The Sounds Of Mariachi Bands) onto cassettes from my younger brother's albums and they still hold up with me even today. Prophylaxis contains some of their more well known songs that really defined their sound, such as No Surprise, Foreign Films, Financial Zone, Marge Schott and Why I Liked Bikini Kill, always a live fav. I think to really fully appreciate J Church, I suggest a listen to the many singles collections albums (there was at least 4) they released as a good starting point to hear the best of the band.

Lance Hahn was huge supporter of the punk music scene in San Francisco as well as an amazing songwriter, a great live performer and he released a staggering amount of good music. He and his band will be sadly missed since Lance passed away in 2007 at the age of 40 due to Kidney complications, but the music he left behind will surely be his lasting legacy.

Prophylaxis (1994)

  1. Foreign Films
  2. No Surprise
  3. Lucidity
  4. Financial Zone
  5. New Dreams Broken
  6. Picture This
  7. Marge Schott
  8. Why I Liked Bikini Kill
  9. Chemicals
  10. A Letter To A Friend
  11. I Can't Be Nice To You
  12. Priest
  13. I Can't Be Nice To You (alternate version)
J CHURCH- Prophylaxis. rar

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