Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Estrus Gearbox

Did you notice there seems to be an insane amount of box-sets issued this year. I realize that a lot of them were released a month a two before Christmas to capitalize on the season, but it seems that every classic album is getting the remastered, deluxe and super deluxe version treatment.

Case in point, the recent reissue of the Rolling Stones 1978 album, Some Girls. Let's count the "new" versions:
1.) Some Girls deluxe edition ($19.99*) - 2 discs, the original album remastered and a bonus second disc of previously unreleased tracks from the Some Girls sessions.
2.) Some Girls Gift case set ($47.53)- 2 discs, same as above + it is housed in a 24 disc CD holder which contains a 4-pack guitar pick pack, a button 4-pack and a Some Girls metal key chain. Each set is numbered and limited to 1250.
3.) Some Girls Wig Box ($149.89)- same 2 discs + hair pick, red lipstick USB (w/1g storage), compact mirror, a Rolling Stones t-shirt housed in a hairspray can packaged in a wig box (or record box?). This is even more limited and numbered to 600.
4.) Some Girls Super Deluxe Boxed Edition ($145.36)- 2 CD + 1 DVD, banned Beast Of Burden 7", 100 page hardcover book, Helmet Newton print, 5 postcard set and poster.
5.) Since the Stones were in a cash grab mode they also released a live DVD/CD: Some Girls- Live In Texas 1978 and a live "bootleg" from 1973, The Brussels Affair, all in the last couple of months.

My point in all this proves how off track these box sets and super deluxe versions are becoming. All these editions contain the same two CD's along with a bunch of phony memorabilia you don't need that tries to recreate some kind of feeling you're back in 1978...$$$!! I'm not saying I don't enjoy all the fun, sometimes cool stuff that comes with a record or CD, because I do, but I'm not crazy about spending all the extra $$$ to get it. There comes a point when it no longer becomes "bonus" material, just grabbing more cash.

Back in the early 90's, the Estrus Records label released a series of little box-sets that contained 3-5 7" singles from various artists on their label usually with a common theme to the songs. The original Estrus Gearbox contained 3 7" records with 4 songs on each, a Estrus sticker, a Estrus promo card and a glow in the dark Estrus key chain. I have the CD version which is housed in a smaller box and contains the sticker, promo card and a mini 1965 girly calender. I believe when I bought this from Estrus, the vinyl version was sold out. Both are sadly out of print. The songs in this collection celebrate cars and hot rods...12 revved-up bands on a thrill-mad rampage! A very cool find!

Estrus Gearbox
(vinyl 1992/CD 1993)

1. Cheater Slicks - Cheater Slicks
2. Hot Rods To Heaven - Fastbacks
3. Road Runnah - Gas Huffer
4. Burrito Grand Prix - Huevos Rancheros
5. ’57 Nomad - The M-80’s
6. Warm Piston - Mono Men
7. Nova ’69 - Marble Orchard
8. Nitroglycerin - Mortals
9. Brand New Chevy - The Muffs
10. Boss Hoss - Nomads
11. SS 396 - The Untamed Youth
12. Cheater, Cheater - The Vacant Lot

VARIOUS ARTISTS- Estrus Gearbox. rar

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J.D. Hughes said...

I remember when this came out!
{ I was the drummer in The Vacant Lot.}
Glad to finally have a copy of the record. Never owned one until now. Thanks for the great music and great site.

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