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Scruffy The Cat- Spit & Paulish #9

I noticed on Facebook there is a Scruffy The Cat fan page that allows fans to post on it's wall, comment, share photos and link to items of interest. Someone posted a link to this blog, which of course is cool (more proof someone is reading this site!) and mentions there are downloads for some Scruffy the Cat related recordings. The poster also wonders about the legality of it.

Now might be a good time to clarify my position and stand on posting recordings on this blog. I should state that this site does not host the downloads, but links to external servers. Any links posted on this blog are for educational, promotional, review and research purposes only. I try to post music that is out of print or hard to find and if I infringe on any of the copyright holders of the music or if you are the artist or artist's representative that wants me to disable the links, please let me know and I will immediately remove any files that offend. I'm not out to make any money on this site and I only have time to write this blog in my spare time. I write this blog because I'm a lover of music and a fan of every one of the bands that are featured on TDIT. I want to share this joy with anyone that will listen and read this blog...I hope this all makes sense and clears up some confusion. I will post a disclaimer on the right panel very shortly.

As a tribute and to acknowledge the Scruffy the Cat fans, here's a disc I acquired in a trade years ago, a compilation of live tracks, I believe it was my first disc of live Scruffy. When looking at the list of tracks and their sources I realize I have many of the shows these tracks are from. I couple months back I posted the Ritz show from 1989 and I also have the WERS and the T.T. the Bears shows from trades. This is a nice sounding comp, (but be forewarned the sound quality and volume varies) and gives you only a small sampling of how great Scruffy the Cat was live.

Question: Should TDIT have a Facebook page or Twitter page? Could be another source for me to post quickie posts and links...?

Spit & Paulish #9 (1984-89)

01. Rave On (The Ritz, NYC 2/4/89)
02. Buck Naked/Upside Down (The Ritz, NYC 2/4/89)
03. Upside Down (Austin, TX early '88)
04. Beg, Borrow And Steal (Studio 9/85)
05. Ticket To Ride (Studio 9/85)
06. Time Never Forgets (T.T. The Bears, Cambridge, 8/8/87)
07. You Are My Sunshine (T.T. The Bears, Cambridge, 8/8/87)
08. Little Nasty Habit (WERS 4/6/89)
09. New Song (?) (WERS 4/6/89)
10. Where'd Ya Go? (WERS 4/6/89)
11. I Don't Believe In (WERS 4/6/89)
12. Everything (Studio early '84)
13. Shakin' All Over (Johnny's D's, Allston 7/5/84)
14. Come On Down To My Boat (Johnny's D's, Allston 7/5/84)
15. Scruffy Lullaby/6 Days (JJ Flash, Boston, 2/1/85)
16. Big Fat Monkey's Hat/Momma Killed Hate (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)
17. Shadow Boy (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)
18. The Ghost Song (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)
19. Lover's Day (Metrowave, WERS, 7/27/86)

SCRUFFY THE CAT- Spit & Paulish #9. rar


binky said...

It's amazing how creative and stupid spam has become. How did blogger not tag this posting as spam?

Any real comments?

kmanderson said...

It was me that left the comment on facebook. I was pretty certain all the music you posted was out of print but wanted to mention the legal issue since I knew members of StC follow the facebook page.

Personally I'm thrilled to have found the blog and have suggested it to many friends. The two Scruffy EPs you posted I had been looking for for years and the Rockpile live you put up was simply amazing.


bglobe313 said...


I just found your site. Lots here to check out, including Scruffy The Cat.

From this and other posts, you seem to be a Boston-based person. Any Cavedogs? Any Treat Her Right? Or Sandman or Champagne side projects?

(And if you did have the video of the Treat Her Right live with visuals stage performance, "From Providence to Sin City" that I believe was at the Brattle, I will give you a great big kiss -- if you so desire!)

Thanks a ton,

Ace K.

Anonymous said...

great stuff! saw the Scruffy's a million times here in Boston and Cambridge over the years.....always a reliable and fun night out! thanks much! Jim

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