Friday, June 15, 2012

Golden Smog In Chicago 2006

I'm taking a short break as I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow for 6 days. This will be my second time there in the past two years (previous to that about 25 years) and the extra time will give me an opportunity to explore the city more extensively. Last time, I took in all the highlights from my must-see checklist that included a life long dream to see a Blackhawks game and a Cubs home opener on consecutive days, Second City, the Art Institute Of Chicago and I spent time hanging out at Navy Pier and Millennium Park. What I didn't see was any concerts or music and this time (after peering over the local listings) didn't see anything that peaked my interest. I will have more solo time (wife is attending a conference for half of the days) to do some record shopping and exploring the areas and neighborhoods I missed last time and again I'm going to Second City and the Institute. If any readers live there or have visited recently...any suggestions?...stores, venues, touristy traps, good restaurants...let me know!

Before I go, I'm posting an amazing set from Golden Smog that was a FM broadcast on the radio in Chicago. Because it was a broadcast it is edited and several songs were not included in the broadcast, but regardless this is quality find and I highly recommend this recording, big Smog fan or not. More recently, Chicago resident, Jeff Tweedy has been too busy with Wilco to perform with Golden Smog, but for this hometown show he is here. Much like the New Pornographers without Neko Case, Golden Smog doesn't seem complete without Tweedy. This is a good one!

Vic Theater
Chicago, IL

Lineage: fm>SoundBlaster>wav>flac

1. Looking Forward to Seeing You 3:06
2. You Make It Easy 4:35
3. V 3:17
4. To Call My Own 3:49 #
5. Easy To Be Hard 4:03
6. Can't Keep From Talking 3:45
7. Long Time Ago 3:12
8. Glad & Sorry 4:05
9. Ill Fated 4:05
10. 5-22-02 3:35
11. Never Felt Before 3:52
12. Starman 4:49
13. Frying Pan Eyes 3:47
14. Hurricane 4:10
15. Won't Be Coming Home 3:53
16.Band Intro/Red Headed Stepchild 4:12
17. Beautiful Mind 4:42
18. If I Only Had A Car 5:10
19. Corvette 4:20
20. Radio King 3:09
21. Until You Came Along 4:45

Total Time: 84:33
Note: The setlist in the file notes the edited out songs. Included here is only the broadcast songs.

Gary Louris - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Marc Perlman - bass
Dan Murphy - guitar, vocals
Kraig Johnson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Tweedy - guitar, vocals
Sim Cain - drums
? - horns
Blake Hurlbert - tambourine
Jim Boquist - guitar?#

GOLDEN SMOG- 2006-09-19 Chicago (FM) FLAC. rar


bglobe313 said...

I spent a summer in Chicago. Your intro hit the one thing I tell those who have a little time to do: go to the Art Institute of Chicago. Why? Because they have the paintings from the board game "Masterpiece" (mach I and mach II).

Despite being an East Coast quasi-intellectual snob, I really liked Chicago. Like NYC or other global cities (it IS the capital of the Midwest) just a lot of energy from people coming there from all over.

PLUS, the GREATEST short-run TV show of all time was based there -- My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

Ace K.

ate2zee said...

This Golden Smog post from 2006 is great. They're a big favorite for me, & it's rare to see a post like this. Thanks so much.

robgronotte said...

Would love to get a repost!

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