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The Replacements- CBGB's 1984

Perhaps inspired by finally watching the documentary about the Replacements, Color Me Obsessed, I've been listening to Replacements boots (live recordings) all week. What makes the film so unique especially a documentary, is that it is made up of interviews with critics, musicians, celebrities and fans talking about their memories and reminiscence of either seeing the band and /or listening to their music. This is presented without any actual music from the Replacements or any film, TV or concert video footage or interviews with any of the band members. There are some photos and scans of ticket stubs and show posters, but the bulk of the movie is people talking about the band. If you have never heard their music or know anything about the band, this film should peak your interest and inspire to seek out their music and find out more about their near-legendary status. It's clear much of their reputation stems from their infamous live performances where anything can happen and a setlist was non-existent. I have a huge collection of Replacement's shows and every show is different and to me if I didn't hear all these shows I don't think I would begin to understand the band. As stated in the film by many critics and fans was that they could play a brilliant tight set of music one night, then flop the next. The drunken shows are often my favourites where they veer off course to attempt covers, some of which they barely knew and proceed to fuck around and probably piss many people off. A great example of this is my next two posts.

Today is made up of two shows from CBGB's in June and October of 1984 where they stay on course and competently perform a good mixture of covers and originals. Tracks 1-15, I had on a undated cassette I received in a trade in the early 90's, so this is a nice upgrade from that and it solves my mystery of the missing date. The sound quality for both shows is soundboard and it's one of the best sounding recordings from the Bob-era. An excellent listen!

The next post will be quite different, stay tuned!

The Replacements
 New York City, NY
10/12/1984, 06/03/1984
soundboard recordings

GENERATION: CD - "Everyone Loves An Ego-Maniac!" (Tendolar Label) > FLAC (Level 6) > You!

1. Gary's Got a Boner
2. Run It
3. Color Me Impressed
4. White and Lazy
5. Takin' a Ride
6. I Will Dare
7. Unsatisfied
8. Johnny's Gonna Die
9. Favorite Thing
10. 20th Century Boy
11. Go
12. I'll Be There
13. Kids Don't Follow
14. Black Diamond
15. Kansas City Star
16. Sixteen Blue
17. Hayday
18. Favorite Thing
19. I'm in Trouble
20. Will Power
21. Take Me Down to the Hospital
22. Hey, Good Lookin'
23. Fuck School
24. You Lose
25. Mr. Whirly

(note: Despite what the label says, there is no track #26 on my copy)
 Tracks 1-15 recorded at CBGB's, New York, October 12 1984
Tracks 16-25 recorded at CBGB's, New York, June 3 1984



Anonymous said...

I already have this great show but I couldn't believe that the Mats wouldn't get at least one comment. I'm looking forward to your next Mats post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

we were at these shows- for some weird reason I think these were taped by one of us- i have the originals (must be 2nd gen ) on cassette-

- nazz nomad

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