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Broken Mascis Scene- Toronto 2006

Happy Canada Day! I was searching through my discs to find something appropriately Canadian to post for this special holiday day and surprisingly I found it difficult. I have lots of shows from Canadian performers, but I struggled to find something I felt was worthy to post today. Last year, I posted a show from Halifax's, Sloan who I regard as the quintissential indie-ish Canadian band that has been around for what seems like forever. Actually, it was just announced a couple days ago that Sloan will be embarking on a tour in celebration of their 1994 album, Twice Removed which has been a fan and critics favourite. In fact, according to a reader's poll in Chart magazine in 1996 (and in 2005), Twice Removed was voted the best Canadian album of all-time, which at the time surprised me, but after repeated listenings it definitely is my favourite Sloan record and is one of my top ten Canadian albums. Sloan will be playing Winnipeg on September 20 and they will perform Twice Removed in it's entirety, as well as a selection of their "greatest" hits. I'll grab tickets as soon as they are available, which had me thinking about how all the concerts I have or am going to attend this year are all Canadian. So far I've seen John K. Samson (Weakerthans), Ron Sexsmith and Said The Whale. On deck in the fall is the Kathleen Edwards show that was postponed in the spring, Sloan and if I go to any of the Winnipeg Folk Festival there is a large percentage of Canadian talent. I recently bought my daughter tickets to the Metric/Stars concert in November, so music is alive and well here in the great white north.

Today's post is a live collaboration between of a great American guitarist/songwriter and a Canadian band musical collective that has seen some of it's former members go on to find further success in other bands. J. Mascis is the leader of Dinosaur Jr, a band that I have followed and enjoyed since their second album, You're Living All Over Me grabbed me and sucked me in. J's distinct guitar sound and vocals sound great with any band and don't lose any of their power with Broken Social Scene as his backing band. Broken Social Scene is almost known more for it's ex-members with Emily Haines fronting Metric, Amy Millan in Stars and Feist enjoying a very successful solo career (who headlines the opening night of the Winnipeg Folk Festival). This show was a fundraiser (Amma foundation Benefit) and it took place in the Mod Club in Toronto. The sound is good and there seems to be a nice energy with the crowd and the band, which makes this listen a pretty good way to celebrate Canada's birthday. Hey, even Feist makes an appearance!

"Broken Mascis Scene"
Mod Club
Toronto, ON
June 23, 2006

01. Intro
02. Feel The Pain
03. Out There
04. Same Day
05. The Lung
06. Stop Choppin'
07. Freak Scene
08. Ammaring
09. Tarpit
10. They Always Come
11. Thumb
12. The wagon
13. Get Me
14. crowd (talking)
15. Alone


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