Monday, August 13, 2012

Juliana Hatfield- Live In NYC 1997

Speaking of new releases, I received my digital download for the new Juliana Hatfield album, the Covers Album. Actually, the cover of the album indicates it's self-titled, so officially I'm not sure what it's called, but throughout the Pledgemusic updates it's been referred to as The Covers Album. I haven't listened yet, but there's an interesting selection of cover songs she's chosen. I'm saving my first listen for my road trip and a quick reminder I won't be posting anything new until the last week of August (feel free to check out my past posts). The official release late of the album is August 28th, as one of the benefits of supporting the project on Pledgemusic is the advanced copy of the record. Look for it on iTunes and according to Juliana, it will be a very limited release.

Here's a vintage Juliana Hatfield show from 1997 with her performing solo acoustic. This show was between the releases of Only Everything and Bed and around this time the unreleased record, God's Foot was schedule to be you know it never has been released officially. This is a great sounding audience recording I received in a trade maybe a bit less than 10 years ago and as far as I know hasn't been shared on Dime (or anywhere?).

Knitting Factory
New York City, NY
February 14, 1997

(Audience recording)
solo acoustic

01. Charity
02. Waves
03. Universal Heartbeat
04. What Have I Done To You?
05. My Sister
06. My Darling
07. Nirvana
08. Make It Home
09. Spin The Bottle
10. Blue
11. Fleur De Lys
12. Where Would I Be Without You?
13. Feed Me
14. I Got No Idols
15. Outsider
16. Ugly
17. Take Your Head Off My Shoulder
18. Perfection

JULIANA HATFIELD- 1997-02-14 NYC. rar


jestoon said...

can you post more of her shows from '92 to '99? (I'm really into her stuff, especially her mid '90s releases) thanks!

L said...

Mega Thanks for posting this - Huge huge kudos. This should be a real treat, can't wait to give it a listen. Didn't know about the covers cd - thanks for the head's up on that, too.

Jamie Krick said...

thanks so much for posting this; i was at that show and absolutely cannot wait to listen to it

Brad said...

I love this live Juliana stuff at your blog! Thank you so much for posting. I first heard her in 95 in chapel hill and have collected since then. I have a great collection of cd and ep, but not really any boot live material. I love her raw sound outside of studio. Thank u thank u

thewaymouth said...

Freaking awesome. YSVM

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