Saturday, June 22, 2013

Replacements Last Show...So Far, In Lossless!

Not much more to report on the Replacements reunion shows at Riot Fest or if there are any additional dates added or announcements about who the other band members will be besides Westerberg and Stinson. If I hear anything, I'll share the info and post links on the TDIT Facebook page.

Last post, I re-posted a link for the last Replacements show from July 4, 1991. In my original post (a few years ago), I posted the mp3 version because at the time I wasn't posting FLAC or lossless mainly because of long upload times and storage space limitations. I had some requests to post the FLAC version and I'm more than happy to share this historic concert for the die-hards that want to hear it in lossless.

This is Mats week on TDIT with more Replacements (and related) shows to come. Stay tuned!

Live at the Petrillo Music Shell,
Grant Park, Chicago, IL. USA.
July 4th, 1991.
(final show)

"It Ain't Over 'Til the Fat Roadies Play"
Bootleg CD>Flac>rar

01 I will dare
02 Bent outta shape
03 Achin' to be
04 Merry go round
05 Happy town
06 Swingin party
07 One wink at a time
08 Waitress in the sky
09 When it began
10 Someone take the wheel
11 Talent show
12 Nobody
13 Another girl, another planet
14 Hey good lookin
15 I'll be you
16 I don't know
17 Within your reach
18 Can't hardly wait
19 Hootenany (roadies playing)

20 sonic reducer
21 kiss me on the bus

tracks 20 & 21 recorded live at Tipitanas in New Orleans, USA Jan. 28th, 1991.

THE REPLACEMENTS- 1991-07-04 (last show) FLAC. rar

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