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Replacements- Live At The Lingerie 1984

 Here's a good one! 1984 was a big year for the Replacements, the album, Let It Be was released and the band toured extensively through the states, the mid-West, East coast and the West Coast. Multiple appearances in New York City attracted much attention including the attention of major label reps hoping to sign the band. A couple of the shows at CBGB's have been well documented on this blog (here and here) and if you're a fan of live recordings from the Replacements, 1984 produced some good ones.

One of the better sounding shows of 1984 was a show at Club Lingerie in Hollywood. Not only is sound outstanding (for an earlier show), but the performance is tight, coherent and energized. Considering this is a couple of weeks before the infamous, "Shit Hits The Fans" show and just over a month before the classic drunken CBGB's show, they play it fairly straight with less drunken covers or foolishness and the setlist documents the era perfectly. Yes, this is a good one, get it!

Club Lingerie
Hollywood, CA
October 26, 1984

01. Hayday
02. Color Me Impressed
03. Baby Strange
04. Unsatisfied
05. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
06. Can't Hardly Wait
07. I Will Dare
08. Black Diamond
09. Goddamn Job
10. Take Me Down To The Hospital
11. Johnny's Gonna Die
12. Yeah!
13. Never Been To College
14. Gary's Got A Boner
15. ...
16. Kid's Don't Follow
17. Hitchin' A Ride
18. Answering Machine
19. Run It
20. We're Coming Out
21. Customer

REPLACEMENTS- 1984-10-26, Club Lingerie, CA FLAC. rar


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